A Brand New Adventure

A Brand New Adventure

A Big Announcement...

Date: October 23rd, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore


October 30th! That’s right! October 30- Oh, perhaps I should explain! We at our totally legitimate Skyblock Aurora Headquarters (That totally exist) have landed on October 30th as our final release date. That means that we’ll be releasing Skyblock Aurora Season 3 on this day, no if’s, and’s, or but’s! So, with that date only a week away, we thought we’d let you see some sneak peeks into what this season has to offer! We’ve made two previous posts titled ‘New Frontiers’ and ‘New Frontiers (Cont…) (Very original, I know) which detail all of the features we’re releasing this season. These two posts are still available for you to read, so go check those out if you want a more in-depth view of everything we’re releasing! This post will be a bit different, though.

Rather than show you everything that we’ve been working on, we’re going to highlight a few key features and actually SHOW you! That’s right, we’ll be including screenshots and GIF’s throughout this post that demonstrate what the features we’ll be talking about look like in-game! I’ll stop talking now and let you guys check out what we’ve been doing this whole time! Trust me, it’s worth it!

Brand New Content

The Obelisk:

The Obelisk is an impressive structure whose centerpiece is older than time itself! The structure around The Obelisk has been built by countless races who visited before you. This arena is a place for you to prove your might to the cosmos against the strongest opponents in Skyblock Aurora. Bring your friends to take part in impressive boss fights featuring custom models and attacks that will show no mercy! These bosses each have their own custom crafting recipe and can be summoned by placing the correct ingredients on to the Obelisk altar. These ingredients are all custom items and can be found across Skyblock Aurora in areas such as the Casino, the Black Market, or even in the shop of Maz’Ek, a whole new otherworldly merchant! Check out this brand new, amazing arena below!


Assistants are a feature meant to guide players through our new systems! Micro-Bot, the fella you’ll see down below, is our default bot! We have four other bots that are all themed in regards to the different species that you can see around spawn. You can unlock these bots through various different tasks which are displayed in the bot settings! You can view these settings by right clicking your bot, which will bring up a small GUI where you can alter various things. As you play the beginning stages of the server, Micro-Bot will give you various tips and lead you through various different semi-complex tasks to help you get on your way seamlessly! Take a good look at Micro-Bot here!

New Gem System:

Gems are SpaceDelta’s new in-game currency! If you’ve played some other games, these gems shouldn’t be a foreign concept! There are various gem packages available to be purchased on the SpaceDelta store for real currency. These gems replace everything else in the store, centralizing our systems and making it far easier for you all to purchase various cosmetics, crates, or whatever else may suit your fancy. You can access these Gem packages using /buy or on the store as I mentioned before. After you’ve got your Gems, you’ll be able to use /buy to access various different categories which all contain awesome goodies available for you to purchase with your shiny new Gems! Take a peek at the buy menu, which has all the things you can buy below!


If you’ve played Skyblock Aurora’s previous two seasons, runes are nothing new to you! If you haven’t, then allow me to explain! Runes are SpaceDelta’s version of custom enchants and can provide incredibly powerful boosts to armor or weapons in both PvP and PvE scenarios. With that said, we’ve decided to up the ante this season and introduce artifacts. Artifacts are more powerful versions of runes and will provide incredible boosts to your gameplay! Artifacts can only be obtained through their special crates. These crates can be purchased with gems from the /buy shop. The shop rotates which crate is available to be bought each week to avoid people getting them all at once! Some runes include keepsake, which allows you to keep whatever item it’s applied to after death and afterburner, which allows you to jump four times! Check out the crate in the /buy menu below!


Duels are… Well, they’re duels! A battle of might between two opponents, 1-on-1, head to head, mano a mano! We’ve added these epic battles to SpaceDelta in season 3 and they won’t disappoint. With a variety of kit options including some standards such as OP, pot, and debuff as well as SpaceDelta customs such as Poseidon, a trident-based kit, there’s something for everyone! Challenge your friends (or worst enemies) with /duel <name> and choose from the aforementioned kits as well as five different, custom arenas! Below you’ll see the Phantom arena (My personal favorite)!

The SpaceDelta Galaxy:

I may be a tad biased here, but personally this is the feature I’m most excited to see release. The SpaceDelta Galaxy is a portion of our website accessible by going to galaxies.spacedelta.net! On this site you’ll be able to read all types of exciting lore on the Skyblock Aurora universe written by yours truly. Explore the various races that are able to be seen in the current Aurora universe and delve into their expansive lore with several short stories about past events. Oh, and don’t worry, there’s plenty more to come on all of them and more!


We hope you guys loved those sneak peeks and enjoyed seeing them just as much as we enjoyed creating them! These new features and more will all be available to be enjoyed within SpaceDelta on October 30th. We hope to see all of you there and look forward to creating memories with you! With that, we bid you farewell until next Saturday! Oh, and as always; stay happy, stay safe, and we’ll see you on Skyblock Aurora for Season 3!

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