A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

The usual and the unusual.

Date: May 9th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore


Hello once again! Another week has come and gone, and with it another content post! This one is a bit different from our previous couple of posts. We have a couple of different bug fixes to get to, so let’s get right into it!

The Run-Down

This week has been slow in terms of bug fixes. We’ve only got a few new bugs and fixes to discuss. First, we have some new fixes coming to the economy of SpaceDelta. Specifically, we’ve altered the scoreboard to better handle very large numbers in addition to a casino issue that would result in players not receiving their money. Next, we have fixes to spawners, multi tools, and parties. As you know if you read last week’s post, a new command (/spawner) was added. An issue with this command and reappearing holograms was resolved this week. Additionally, multi tools using an axe instead of a pickaxe for ender chests was fixed. Last but not least, we’ve resolved an issue with parties not disbanding correctly.

As we said - Very few bugs to be fixed this week. However, we come bearing fantastic news! Soon, we’ll be shutting the server down for a brief period of time. This is to transition from Season 2 to Season 3 of Skyblock Aurora. With this is sure to come a host of brand new content, new players, and a fantastic time as always! We can’t release any dates or specifics yet, but keep an eye out for posts to come! That’s all for this post unfortunately! If you’d like to read more about the bug fixes or a bit more about the transition between seasons, go ahead and give the sections below a read! If not, we hope you have a fantastic week!

A Deeper Dive


We have two distinct changes to economy-based features this week. First, we’ve made the scoreboard handle larger numbers better. As many people become quintillionaires and beyond, we found the scoreboard was unable to handle above a specific amount of digits. This has been further optimized to handle these larger numbers in a better manner. Additionally, we had an issue with the casino regarding players not receiving their payouts. This was due to the casino winnings creating a very large decimal, which would cause precision errors in the command that gives money. Both errors have been fixed accordingly.

Spawner Command:

If you read our post last week, you are most likely already aware of the /spawner command. This command has been shown to greatly reduce lag on large spawner-based islands, and has been a fantastic addition to SpaceDelta! Unfortunately, many players experienced issues when it was first added with the spawner holograms reappearing after they were turned off. Primarily, this seemed to occur when users left their islands and went to a different server (such as the /pvp warp or /spawn). This issue has been resolved, and the status of the spawners in the /spawner command GUI should now accurately reflect the actual state of the spawners’ holograms.

Multi Tools:

In addition to last week’s various multi tool fixes and our efforts to get the multi tool fully functional, we’ve added ender chests to the mix. Last week we had a host of blocks that were corrected from being broken by the incorrect tool to automatically being noticed by the multi tool and forcing it to adapt to the most efficient tool. This was the case with ender chests as well, as the multi tool would previously attempt to break them with an axe. However, now the tool properly functions, bringing a pickaxe out in place of the axe.


An issue with parties not disbanding was found this week. This was a very unique glitch, as it only occurred when all members of a party disconnected. However, it would result in many inconsistencies. Various party-based runes would still apply if conditions were met and users were not able to create new parties but were in ghost parties that they could not physically leave. Needless to say this one was a headache. That said, we’ve resolved it, and it should no longer be happening.

Content Announcement(s)

Season 3:

We can only assume that this is what you all came to read about. Unfortunately, we don’t have many details to share. In the coming weeks or months, Skyblock Aurora will be shutting down temporarily. This downtime will last an undetermined amount of time and will start on a date that we are simply unsure of. Rest assured though, we have many fantastic features coming your way this next season; many of which we will talk about in a post that is specifically tailored to Season 3 much in the same way we did with Season 2! We’ll see you there.

With that, we’re wrapping up another great week here at SpaceDelta. With the news of Season 3 coming, we hope you’re as excited as ever! Keep on playing Skyblock Aurora - We have some fantastic things coming your way very soon! Stay happy, stay healthy, and enjoy your time on our awesome server!

- Gaelen Moore

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