Awesome Ascension Adventures

Awesome Ascension Adventures

SpaceDelta Season 3 liftoff!

Date: November 14th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore


Hey! You! Yeah, you! Get on in here and read up on all the awesome stuff we’ve done since release! We know it’s been a while since we had one of these posts, so hopefully you didn’t miss us too much (We did miss you though!). Either way, it’s been two weeks since the release of Season 3 and we’re here to tell you all about what we’ve fixed and some brand new content that’s on its way! Because it’s been two weeks since the season was released, this post will be a bit longer than usual. With that said, strap in and make sure to keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times because it’s go time!

The Run-Down

With the release of SpaceDelta, there were a lot of both new and old bugs. This is expected to some degree. However, the frequency and repetition of these bugs was unfortunately heightened due to our extensive custom-coding of features this season. With that in mind, we’ve fixed tons and tons of bugs this season, with the most important of these bugs being the stability of the server overall. We’ve pushed out tons of bug fixes relating to this, so we won’t delve too deep. The server is much healthier than before though, and running at a more optimized rate. Keep in mind we still have some work to do towards this stability goal, so be patient! In addition to the stability issues though, we’ve also implemented numerous fixes like a new shop algorithm, a fix to warps and /tpa, adjustments to Void damage, KOTH timer fixes, several dupe glitches, the rate at which artifact crates rotate in and out, and several tweaks to the casino. In addition to these bugs, we’ve implemented some quality of life adjustments such as casino game history which shows wins and losses for all casino games, an updated combat tag timer (Updated from 15s to 120s), and brand new spawner visuals to make placing those pesky spawners easier than ever!

With all these bug fixes and small updates, we wanted to assure that we had some cool content on its way for you all to enjoy. That said, we’ve officially begun hosting events! These events will happen every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from now on, so make sure you’ve joined our Discord so you won’t miss out! You can read more about specific events we’re hosting this weekend down below! In addition to the events though, we’d also like to introduce ascension to Skyblock Aurora. Ascension is a system where you, the player, will be able to use custom items found around the server by completing certain tasks to level up your gear! Read more about this below as well! That’s it for the run-down though! If you’re interested in reading more about bugs or features, check out the bit below! Have a great rest of your day either way!

A Deeper Dive

General Server Stability:

A ton of small fixes lumped into a single category, all of which target the server’s stability and uptime. A lot of these issues had to do with lag in various areas of Skyblock Aurora and random shutting down of servers. All of these have been fixed.

Shop Fixes:

We’ve implemented a new shop algorithm to help the fluctuating prices out. In addition to this, we fixed a bug that caused shop prices to be different between various islands.

Warps / TPA:

We’ve fixed two major issues regarding warps and teleportation. Warps both didn’t work and took several tries to work at various points, both of which have been fixed. Teleportation, both /tpahere and /tpa didn’t work at one point but have since been resolved.

Casino Game History:

This is one of our small quality of life updates. With the new game history, you’ll be able to see how many games you’ve won and lost as well as some other misc. stats. You’ll be able to access this by clicking the various game icons and selecting the ‘Game History’ option.

CT Timer:

The combat tag timer is another small quality of life change we’ve added in Season 3. Our previous combat tag timer was 15s long but has since been increased to 120s to allow for accidental combat loggers to re-join and not lose their items.

Void Adjustments:

We’ve made a plethora of adjustments to The Void’s mobs and corruption damages. This should make The Void slightly easier for mid-game players, but we still don’t recommend that new people try and take it on.

Spawner Visuals:

New spawner visuals are the last small quality of life update for this week. Rather than the typical spawner visuals, we’ve chosen to change the exterior cage to be glass. This allows users to see more clearly into the middle, where the mob type is displayed.


There have been numerous fixes to KOTH including how long KOTH lasts as well as the area it encompasses. Previously, there were a few small areas in the circle of greenery that didn’t count as the KOTH area. This has been resolved as well as the issue where KOTH only lasted ten seconds.

Assistant Fixes:

Throughout these last two weeks we’ve had tons of adjustments to the way that assistants work. These changes should allow for the assistant tutorial to go more smoothly as well as the advice that comes after said tutorial.

Dupe Glitch(es):

We’ve fixed roughly ten different dupe glitches since the start of season 2 including things like a dupe glitch that involved the auction house, one that involved combat logging, several different hopper dupe glitches, and more.

Artifact Crate Rotation:

We’ve implemented the correct times for the artifact crate rotation in /buy. Previously, it was rotating at a seemingly-random rate when the server would restart. This has since been resolved and crates should now rotate once weekly as intended.

Casino Tweaks:

There have been numerous casino tweaks in the short term including lowering the win cap and bet cap. Previously they were calculated as a % of the total server’s wealth. However, the dupe glitches forced this value up and we set them to a fixed rate instead. We’ve since repaired damage caused by the dupe glitches, so the win and bet caps will be reinstated shortly.

Duel Fixes:

There were numerous issues with duels such as assistants giving their perks and certain builds runes still working in duels. In addition to this, there were also issues that certain players experienced regarding their kits not showing up. Since this, all of the issues have been resolved and duels should be working smoothly!

Content Announcement(s)


If you’re in our main Discord, you should have seen our most recent announcement regarding a weekend full of fun events! If not, let me tell you all about them here! Starting Friday and ending Monday at 3:00 PM EST, we’re running a build competition. You can submit your best builds in the special channel and win an epic prize if your build is voted as the best! Saturday we’ll be hosting a scavenger hunt at 2:00 PM EST. During this event, players will be tasked with finding five hidden skulls of Aoros, our community manager. Finding a skull will reward you with a nova key! Lastly, an event we’ve hosted in the past - Staff VS Players! That’s right, this infamous Skyblock Aurora event is making a comeback. At 2:00 PM EST on Sunday, all staff will gear up and jump into PvP. Here, players will fight staff members head-to-head to obtain their skulls! Players who kill Aoros, Vanished, or Lotus will receive special rewards!


Ascension is something we’ve spoken about in past content announcements… However, it’s been a while! So, let’s talk about it again. Ascension is a fancy new system to allow expansion beyond the current gear cap. With this system, you’ll use various custom items (Including some of the ones you may have already found) to level up your armor and weapons to become ascended versions of their past selves. This will dramatically increase their effectiveness. Be weary though, as some of the items required for higher-tier ascension require you to slay dangerous bosses!

Closing Regards

That’s all we’ve got for this week’s content post! We know that’s a lot to digest, but we hope you’re super excited for the events this weekend and ascension after that! As always, you can expect these articles every Friday from now on. Stay safe, stay happy, and keep on enjoying SpaceDelta Skyblock Aurora!

- Gaelen Moore

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