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Date: June 26th, 2020

Author: Austin Hitt

Greetings SpaceDeltans!

We have some exciting news: SpaceDelta will be opening access to the public beta on July 11th. This means that you will get to experience a sneak peek of what SpaceDelta will be while also helping us find bugs ahead of the actual release. Speaking of bugs - expect them. While we do our best to catch all the nasty problems before you play, there are so many subsystems that edge cases quickly crop up. Throughout the course of the beta, expect to come face to face with random glitches and odd bugs - that’s why we’re running this beta.

We have already finished and implemented most of the planned features for SpaceDelta’s actual release. However, there are some features that have not yet been finished. These will be added while the beta is active, so expect frequent changes as you play.

As a reward for helping us test the server by playing in the beta, we will be offering exclusive rewards to beta testers. These rewards will never again be obtainable after the beta, so be sure to grab them and the bragging rights that come with! What rewards are available? Take a look:

  • Exclusive Skyblock Gold "Alpha" Tag
  • Exclusive Beta Crate on Actual Release
  • Exclusive Runes Crate on Actual Release
  • 2 Exclusive Cosmetics
  • Exclusive Beta Kit

Along with rewards for just playing, we are also offering rewards to you bug hunters out there. Those of you who find bugs have the chance to get great rewards, and the more bugs you find, the more rewards you can get! Check out the list of possible prizes:

  • Small Bug - $1 to $2 in Buycraft
  • Medium Bug - $2 to $3 in Buycraft or PayPal $2-$3
  • Large Bug - $3-5 in Buycraft or PayPal $3-$5

That isn’t all though. If you are an early supporter, you will have extra rewards awaiting you in the final release. Any purchases you make on the webstore, while the beta is still active, will be doubled over into the actual production release. Be sure to take advantage of these great opportunities and earn rewards while helping to improve the server.

We hope to see you soon!

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