Booster Bonanza

Booster Bonanza

A whole host of brand new content!

Date: April 23rd, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore


Hello Hello! Crazy to think this is already our third Content Post! Since we changed the format, we hope you guys have been enjoying the weekly reading more than before. The team has been hard at work as April nearly ends, and we’ve got a minimal amount of bugs to go over, but a whole host of brand new content! Let’s jump right into it.

The Run-Down

This week has very, very minimal bug fixes. Not only was our team primarily focused on content this week, but we’ve ironed out a lot of bugs over the past weeks! This means that the bugs left are slightly more complex and require days of testing and research to truly fix. Let’s get into the fixes for this week, though. Regarding multi tools, new blocks were added including podzol, mycelium, doors snow, and snow blocks. Previously, if a multi tool was used on any of these blocks, it would simply not adapt to be the most effective tool. In addition to that, we’ve fixed an issue from Season 1 regarding Material Conservation, a rune that, when used to craft iron and gold nuggets from ingots, could be used to dupe items indefinitely. This glitch has been fixed in a similar manner to how we fixed it in Season 1. Our last mention isn’t necessarily a bug, but we figured we’d slip it in there just because! We’ve decreased the cooldown time on the [item] command from 30 seconds to 5 seconds.

As per usual, the true highlight of these posts comes from the content announcement(s), and boy do we have a lot to announce! We’ll start off small and lead into the bigger things. First, we’re going to be reintroducing dungeons early this weekend. Next, we have a brand new layout for the store! This includes new widgets and generally better organization with some updated artwork. Second to last we have the Slay the Staff event, an event that was previously teased in one of our other posts. Last but not least, there are boosters, which are clearly the focus of this week’s content post. If you’d like to know more about each of these tidbits of content, proceed to the section below! If not, that’s fine too! We hope to see you next week!

A Deeper Dive

Multi Tools:

Previously, users noticed a variety of blocks that multi tools did not adapt when breaking certain types of blocks. This meant that the tool was ineffective in its original purpose. We’ve seen this and began adding all the blocks that are affected by this odd bug. For this week, this includes podzol, mycelium, snow, snow blocks, and doors. When attempting to break these blocks with a multi tool, the tool will now adapt to be what will break said block most effectively.

Material Conservation:

A glitch with Material Conservation was discovered mid-Season 1 and was patched the same week. Unfortunately, this glitch was discovered to be working during Season 2. The glitch allowed for users to dupe items such as gold and iron ingots. This was accomplished by using the rune, which gives extra crafted resources, to be used to duplicate ingots from nuggets. This has been resolved, and Material Conservation will work on other blocks, but not on the aforementioned nugget to ingot combination.

Item Command:

A slight annoyance on the players’ side was taken into consideration and altered during this week with the [item] command. This command, when typed, displays whatever the user is holding in their hand at the time of running the command. The cooldown for this command was previously set to 30 seconds, meaning users could not show off multiple items in chat rapidly. This has been reduced to 5 seconds, but keep in mind that abuse of this now-lowered cooldown will result in appropriate punishment.

Content Announcement(s)


Dungeons, an integral part of Season 1, are being reinstated this weekend. Many players enjoyed dungeons, and many players now possess dungeon keys without a purpose. We’re happy to announce that these are coming back and will be available in the outer ring of spawn! With that said, for our older players, there are no additional features, but dungeons will now perform even better than before.

Updated Store:

SpaceDelta’s store, which has seen minimal improvements over the course of Skyblock Aurora, underwent a metaphorical facelift this week. With new art, brand new widgets (tools that lead players to different areas of our store), and a new organization to it, the SpaceDelta store is fresh again! Enjoy this brand new theme at!

Slay The Staff:

The Slay The Staff Event was teased in a post before, but we’ll jog your memories! This event will take place shortly, and will focus on, you guessed it, slaying SpaceDelta staff members! Each of the staff will be given differently tiered armor to survive the onslaught, but they will only be given knockback sticks to fend off their attackers. Make sure you join when we send the announcement out for a chance at every staff member’s head - That’s right, every one! That includes Scrutinized, Vanished, Kyus, and Lotus himself!


As our shining star for this week, we have boosters. Boosters are an idea that was thought about early on in SpaceDelta’s life, but has been refined over our now two seasons. Boosters will apply to various currencies such as Stardust, EXP, and Lux. Additionally, we’ll have bundle boosters, which will allow for all three of those currencies to be boosted at once! These boosters will be available in the shop and will be available to be purchased for either individual use or global use.

We know that’s a lot to digest! However, we hope that you’re excited as we are! Enjoy the next week on SpaceDelta Skyblock Aurora. We hope, as always, that you stay happy, stay healthy, and keep on playing on SpaceDelta!

- Gaelen Moore

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