Brilliant Beginner Booklet

Brilliant Beginner Booklet

A mysterious booklet...

Date: November 27th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore


Hello there! Came back for yet another week to read about all the awesome stuff we’ve done? Glad to hear it! It must feel like an eternity since we last did one of these - Two weeks! What a long time! Anyways, let’s get down to business. We’re now close to a month into Season 3 and it’s been going well thus far! We’ve been fixing bug after bug, ironing out server issues including lag, and more! I won’t spoil too much here. So, with that in mind, let’s jump right into this week’s Content Post!

The Run-Down

These last two weeks have consisted of an absolute truck load (A lot) of bug fixes! Most of these fixes have been fairly minor with the rare larger bug sprinkled in. We have changes to loads of things such as assistants, island stability, various different runes, The Void, fixes to the resource pack, and a whole host of updated menus! In addition to these smaller bugs, we’ve also implemented some mid to larger scale issues. First, we’ve resolved the issue of not being able to repair your fishing rod in the blacksmith. Next, we’ve fixed the artifact crates rotating into the shop(s) at strange rates of speed. Additionally, we’ve made it so that new players cannot go to /warp pvp unless they have 30 mins or more of playtime. This is due to new players losing their gear far too early to the more seasoned players. Lastly, we’ve added text on the custom items to display what they’re useful for!

That’s not all though! That’s right, we still have some brand new, awesome content coming for you all very shortly! This specific content will come to fruition in December and is targeted more towards players both old and new! What I’m talking about is a book. Yup, you heard me right - A book! Not a physical one, though, we’re not cool enough for that quite yet. This book will be in the form of a GUI and will detail all of the server’s important features using both text and some fancy pictures drawn by the books’ mysterious author! We’ll go more into detail about all these bug fixes as well as this spooky book further down in the content post, so go ahead and read that if you’d like to! If not, that’s okay too! We hope you have a fantastic rest of your day!

A Deeper Dive

Assistant Changes:

We’ve made some minor changes to assistants to make them more stable and less finicky. We’ve also changed the voice lines that appear on your screen to be located at the top of the screen to avoid being covered by chat.

Island Stability:

There have been tons of fixes to island stability. We’ve fixed a lot of the issues regarding island servers crashing, but there are still some present. Additionally, we have not resolved the NBT data loss that affects chests, signs, and other misc. items. Unfortunately, this issue’s root cause is beyond our control, so we are waiting for the developers who can fix it to do so.

Resource Pack Fixes:

We’ve fixed multiple smaller things with the resource pack. Within this change, we fixed issues with several runes being given other runes’ images.

Changes to The Void:

We’ve made some alterations to The Void in the form of wave changes. This includes making the second wave of zombies / spiders more susceptible, giving them enchanted iron armor rather than diamond and lowering their HP. Additionally, we’ve made Void Bombers (Withers) able to be hit by bows now.


Resolved an issue that would not allow players to repair their fishing rods at the blacksmith in /spawn.

Artifact Crate Rotation:

Fixed the artifact crate rotation. Initially, crates were rotating at a seemingly random rate, with one type of crate choosing to appear for six hours… We don’t talk about it.

/warp pvp:

We’ve disabled this warp for brand new players and put it behind a lock. This lock is 30 minutes of playtime. If a player attempts to warp to PvP before they’ve played the server for 30 minutes, they will be blocked from doing so.

Custom Item Changes:

We’ve added a few new functions with custom items. First, any items obtained in the Casino will be put into your stash. Additionally, custom items now display their purpose beneath them to help players figure out what they’re useful for.

Content Announcement(s)

Tutorial Book:

The tutorial book is a journal written by a mysterious character only referred to as “The Artificer”. This Artificer is the origin point for all the miscellaneous custom items scattered throughout the world, and he has passed his journal on to you - A brand new adventurer in Skyblock Aurora. This journal details all the major parts of the universe, with in-depth descriptions as well as easy to read summarizations towards the front. The Artificer has even included some fancy pictures he drew himself - How nice! This book will be quite long, as it does talk about nearly every single feature on the server. However, it will be easy to navigate, with clickable buttons within the GUI that will take you to different chapters (topics)! This book will assist players both new and old in figuring out all of what Skyblock Aurora has to offer, from the helpful and kind assistants to the far more sinister Obelisk.

Closing Regards

That’s it for this week guys! We hope you’re super excited after hearing about all those changes as well as this tutorial book! We’ll talk to you next Friday in another Content Post! Oh, I almost forgot - Stay happy, stay healthy, and keep playing Skyblock Aurora!

- Gaelen Moore

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