Christmas Cookie Competition

Christmas Cookie Competition

A Cookie-Filled Event...

Date: December 22nd, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore


Whoo! We sure were gone for a while, weren’t we? Well, trust me when I say it’s all going to make sense when you’re done reading this awesome content post! That’s right, I said it’s awesome - What about it? Either way, we’ve got some exciting news for you all in addition to our regularly-scheduled program of bug fixes. I’ll keep it short this week given the volume of what we have to talk about. That’s right… Me, keeping something short! I hope you’re proud. Without further adieu, let’s get right into the bug fixes!

The Run-Down

As I’m sure all of you are aware, we were hit with some pretty major bugs very close to the season’s release. These bugs carried on for some time as we searched for solutions. Amongst these more major bugs that I’m talking about included islands being occasionally reset, NBT data being lost, and an island mission dupe glitch. All of these bugs have been fixed now. In addition, we’ve got a host of smaller bugs that we’ve resolved including casino maximum bet number being incorrect, KOTH timer being set to the correct amount, fishing rods in the blacksmith, statistics in chat, envoys not giving correct items, and a combat log glitch.

In addition to all of these bug fixes both large and small, we’ve got a massive content update to announce! This announcement is in regards to an event - SpaceDelta’s Christmas event! This is the largest event we have ever hosted! We’ll be introducing Christmas Cookies as a brand new currency. These cookies can be earned through

A Deeper Dive

Casino Bet:

Previously, the casino maximum bet was set at $1,000,000 but users were only able to bet up to $999,999. This issue has been fixed and you will now be able to bet the maximum bet number rather than $1 below it.

KOTH Timer:

Previously, the KOTH timer was set to 10s. This was resolved and the timer was increased. However, it seems the issue reverted since the fix was reinstated. We’ve bumped the timer back up to 5mins, where it should stay from now on.

Fishing Rods:

Fishing rods were the one tool item that was unable to be repaired using the blacksmith at spawn. This issue has been fixed and you should now be able to pay the kind blacksmith to repair your fishing rods so you can get out there and catch massive fish!

Player Statistics:

When hovering over people’s names in chat, you can see a variety of statistics including balance, kills, and deaths. These statistics were previously incorrect but have been fixed to accurately reflect the accurate numbers.


A bug was found with envoys (spacepods) where the crates would not give the correct number of items or not give them at all. We’ve resolved this issue to allow for the proper numbers of items to be given in all circumstances.

Combat Log:

There was an issue discovered with combat logging where if a user was hit and didn’t move, they could combat log without punishment. This allowed users to teleport up to the PvP warp area and be safe. This issue has been resolved and combat logging will force you to remain where you logged out.

Islands Resetting:

This was one of the larger bugs we encountered. The issue affected numerous newer islands and forced some aspects of them to roll back when users teleported away. Primarily, this affected spawners and value blocks. The issue has been fixed and teleporting away no longer will reset these things.

Island Mission Dupe:

The island mission dupe was also one of the largest bugs we’ve encountered. The bug occurred after we turned island missions back on with the new touches. The issue allowed users to infinitely claim missions and gain mass amounts of money from doing so. Island missions are currently disabled as we resolve the bugs.

NBT Data Loss:

This was the largest bug we had happen. Unfortunately, the NBT data loss bug resulted in many users losing their spawners and chest items. We refunded these items manually for users who experienced loss, but the effect was still massive. We’ve since fixed this issue, and players should no longer see this issue happening.

Content Announcement(s)

Christmas Event:

We will be hosting an absolutely MASSIVE giveaway with over $5,000 in cash as well as some more in-game prizes! That’s right, FIVE THOUSAND! This is one of the largest Minecraft events period, and it’s taking place right here on SpaceDelta! So, how can you earn a piece of this $5,000 you may ask? Well, I’d be happy to tell you! With this update, we’ve added a brand new currency - Christmas Cookies. Cookies can be earned through events that we’ll be hosting from Dec. 26th to Jan. 1st! Included in these events will be a massive snowball fight event where you and your team will be against one or more enemy teams fighting head to head with packed snow! This fight will take place every 30m! Additionally, we’ll be hosting a Gift Hunt event where crates appear randomly! These crates will give cookies and will appear every three hours! Lastly, we’ll be reinstating Skull Island for this event! For those who don’t know what Skull Island is, it’s a massive event where players are given a kit and pitted against one another! Portions of the map will be highlighted and you must run to those areas and stay within the borders to collect points! The players with the most points at the end will be rewarded cash and cookies!

Closing Regards

That’s a whole lot to digest, we know! We hope you’re insanely excited about the changes coming and the brand new Christmas event. As always, you can expect another update soon! If you haven’t joined our Discord, make sure to do that - We’ll be posting constant announcements there! We hope to see you online for the Christmas celebration! Don’t be shy if you celebrate other Holidays though, we’d still love to have you on. Stay safe, stay happy, and keep on playing SpaceDelta!

- Gaelen Moore

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