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Date: April 11th, 2020

Author: Annie Shi

Let's talk about the last SpaceDelta release, and what we're doing to fix all the hiccups and problems with it.

What We Learned

While the past season was one of the more mechanically successful ones we've had yet, the magnitude of conflict that occurred between the players, as well as between the staff team and select factions, was also the largest; to the point where the safety of several staff members were threatened.

When Lotus and I began this project in early June 2019, we envisioned creating a heavily custom, immersive environmental gamemode that would create a platform for adventure, friendships and storytelling - one that would be fun for both the staff, content creators and players involved. Somewhere along the way, this vision was set aside in pursuit of what was the norm among modern Minecraft servers.

The concern for our staffs' wellbeing combined with criticism from the players have led Management to realize that following the modern meta of competitive factions is neither something we are able to do well, nor the kind of community that we are interested in building.

What We're Doing

As such, we reflected on our foray into competitive factions since Season 2, and after some heavy consideration, Management has decided to discontinue competitive Factions.

This decision did not come lightly; however, we in the SpaceDelta team recognize where our strengths lie and have decided to focus on them – on creating creative custom features and gamemodes for a community and playerbase that's more receptive to niche and new concepts.

What This Means for You

With the cancellation of competitive Factions, we'll be moving our focus and resources to the development of casual Factions (and our new custom cannons) and Skyblock, as well as a very special, completely unique gamemode, Mercenary.

More details on these will follow soon, but from casual Factions, players can expect a lower payout, longer seasons, a wider range of players, broader marketing, never-before-seen features and more frequent events.

We are aware that our current playerbase is comprised largely of competitive players, and that many will be leaving our network following this change. While unfortunate, this is a factor that we have considered and accepted. However, we plan to partake in much more dynamic marketing, including a combination of large investments in slots and social influencers, which we are absolutely confident will bring more players to the network than ever.

What We Want to Say

While we have had our fair share disagreements and conflicts with certain players, and there have been countless ups and downs, we from the SpaceDelta team want to thank all of our players for participating in our passion project. We hope to see you on Skyblock Aurora and Factions Earth for many more seasons to come. Do stay safe and healthy!

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