Crazy Cool Cosmetics

Crazy Cool Cosmetics

“Gambling, runes, and some crazy cosmetics!”

Date: April 16th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore


Fancy seeing you here! Welcome to yet another installment of our brand new Content Posts! The team has been hard at work coming up with brand new concepts, creating new content, and, as always, fixing bugs! Without further adieu, let’s get right into those bug fixes!

The Run-Down

This week was a bit slow in terms of bug fixes. As we continue to iron out bugs with our base server, you can expect that these run-downs will be shorter until we add new content. This week begins with souls, as we fixed an error in the display of piglin souls within the /souls GUI as well as souls dropping, or a distinct lack thereof, when zombified piglins were killed. Next, we move on to various fixes revolving around money. These fixes include the raising of all monetary limits (primarily due to the need for larger and larger bets in the casino) as well as the removal of trailing space in money messages. This will be expanded upon in the section below, as per usual. The last category of fixes comes to runes, where both Angler and Unearth were changed slightly. Angler’s chances of rewarding players with both stardust and random runes was nerfed by 10% and Unearth’s chance of giving stardust was increased exponentially. In our typical round of miscellaneous mentions, we have a revamp of our party message(s) as well as a fix to the occasional double-sending of said messages. Lastly, we’re hoping we’ve resolved visually disappearing islands, but these issues may still occur. If you do have issues, make sure to create a support ticket!

Once again, we have a brand new content announcement to make! While the bug fixes are all fine and dandy, this is the true highlight of SpaceDelta’s Skyblock Aurora this week! You may have guessed it from the title - We’re introducing cosmetics! There will be a variety of cosmetics available to purchase on SpaceDelta’s shop including wings, trails, and even brand new pets! While we don’t have an exact release date yet, you can expect to see these items very soon! An announcement will be available when we release them to the shop! If you’re interested in hearing more, give the section(s) below a read! If not, that’s all right. We wish you an awesome day regardless!

A Deeper Dive

Souls: Two distinct issues with souls were resolved this week. Ironically, both had to do with some variation of piglin (Both normal piglins and zombie piglins). First, an issue with the way piglin souls were displayed in our /souls GUI was resolved. This issue was showing players the config message rather than the actual configured message that we wished to display. This meant that players were unable to actually see how many souls they had. Second, an issue with zombie piglins not dropping piglin souls was also resolved. Both issues have been fixed and they are working just fine now!

Money: A bit of a unique change in the SpaceDelta economy in terms of money - We had to raise the limit for transactions. As the casino creates more and more billionaires, we realized that the previously-made restriction was becoming too strict. This previous limit was just barely over two billion dollars. Now, it has been raised to a near infinite number. This allows players to utilize large, multi-billion dollar transactions in the casino, auction house, etc… Additionally, we’ve re-formatted messages that include amounts of money to eliminate a space that was present. Previously, there was a space before the $ in messages, creating a double space. This has been reformatted and the space has been eliminated.

Runes: Two large changes with rune balancing came this week. First, we have Angler. Angler was given a nerf for this week, with each level receiving a -10% chance to give players stardust. Additionally, we’ve nerfed the chances to receive random runes with Angler slightly. Second, Unearth was given a large buff. Each level of Unearth was given a significant boost to their chances to reward players with Stardust. Tier 1 was increased from 0.1% to 2.5%, Tier 2 was increased from 0.3% to 6%, and Tier 3 was increased from 1% to 6.75%.

Misc. Mentions: A slight revamp of all party messages was implemented, as before they appeared quite ugly. Additionally, we resolved an issue where messaged regarding parties (invites, joins, etc…) would double send randomly. Lastly, we’ve resolved an issue with islands visually disappearing. In these cases, players would be unable to see their own islands. We believe this is fixed, but we’re not 100% yet. If you experience any issues with island disappearance, open a support ticket in our Discord!

Content Announcement(s)

Cosmetics: Cosmetics are no stranger in terms of features you may see elsewhere. However, SpaceDelta, in typical SpaceDelta fashion, is putting our own twist on things! These fantastic cosmetics will include various pets. These pets will be custom-made and act similarly to the Chinese dragon pet that was briefly available for our Chinese New Year event. Additionally, we’ll also be selling a host of trails and wings. Wings will have their own special animation, and trails will consist of various particles that appear behind players when they walk. These cosmetics will all be available on SpaceDelta’s store sometime in the near future! We’ll let you know exactly when we release them. In the meantime, keep your eyes and ears open for this great new feature!

That brings us to the end of this week’s Content Post! We hope you’ve had yet another great week on SpaceDelta, and we hope you’re looking forward to all of our fantastic new content coming soon! Stay happy, stay healthy, and keep your eyes peeled for those brand new cosmetics coming soon!

- Gaelen Moore

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