Creator Crates

Creator Crates

The Economy, Statistics, and all-new Creator Crates!

Date: May 1st, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore


The fourth Content Post already! It’s certainly gone by quickly. As always, we hope you guys love these posts! I certainly enjoy writing them and getting to speak to you all. We’ve got a ton of bugs to talk about and new exciting content, so what are we waiting for!? Let’s go!

The Run-Down

This week has a lot of bug fixes. Many of these bugs have been prevalent throughout Season 2, and we’ve finally come around to fixing them! Let’s get started with eco-related changes. We’ve removed players’ ability to view the information that comes up when you type /eco and also made it so players can no longer pay other users 0 of a certain currency. Additionally, we’ve resolved a dupe glitch when withdrawing with the off-hand. Lastly, buying ridiculous amounts of tickets in the lottery will no longer break it. Next, we have some changes to dungeons. These include dungeons not sending players into dungeons if there is nobody in the PvP world, dungeons not registering players who leave the dungeon, and players finding themselves in adventure mode after dying in dungeons. We’ve also added some statistics tracking to various things such as the Casino and The Void. Next, we have some misc. mentions; 3x3 hoppers now cover the appropriate range of blocks, players are now notified of their mutes and warns, the island fly setting in the GUI now works properly, and lastly, /spawner, a command that allows people to disable holograms from spawners on their entire island!

With all of that said, let’s jump right into creator crates! These crates will be purchasable on SpaceDelta’s website and will feature a host of amazing, unique items attributed to various creators. One such creator we’re making a crate for will be Jerome - Everyone’s favorite fluffy friend. Over time, we’ll release new crates attributed to different creators. All of the crates will have a large variety of rewards, with the main draw being unique creator-related armor, weapons, and even tags! A full list of possible rewards will be available in the preview as always! That brings us to the end of what we had to discuss for this week though! If you’d like more information on this fantastic content and the bugs we’ve resolved, give the sections below a read! If not, make sure to have an awesome day!

A Deeper Dive


We’ll start off here with the two smaller items. First, players are no longer allowed to do /eco. Additionally, users can no longer pay other users 0 of any currency. This was essentially a useless feature, and was being used to spam players’ chats. As such, we made it impossible to do. Next, we’ve resolved an issue where buying multiple billions of lottery tickets would break the lottery entirely. This would previously result in the lottery remaining on the “spinning” animation for upwards of an hour before continuing. Lastly, an issue with withdrawing into one’s off-hand was fixed. This would dupe the money, allowing players to essentially obtain infinite money. All of these glitches and bugs have been fixed accordingly and are no longer possible.


Many issues with dungeons were resolved this week. Primarily, these issues regarded player detection. When initiating a dungeon, users found themselves not being teleported. This was because there were no users in the PvP world, an odd and unintentional dependency. Additionally, dungeons were not recognizing when players left, resulting in duped loot. Lastly, when players died, they found themselves placed in adventure mode. This continued outside of the dungeon, and players would remain stuck in adventure mode, having to be manually entered back into survival.


We’ve added statistics to two main portions of Skyblock Aurora; The Void and the Casino. These statistics will track various things. For The Void, these items include eliminations, deaths, rounds lasted, mobs killed, and more! For the Casino, we now track total wins, bets placed, and total losses. You can view these statistics at various points in the game across different GUIs.

Miscellaneous Mentions:

Our favorite section; misc. mentions. This week we have a fix to 3x3 hoppers. These hoppers haven’t worked properly all of Season 2, previously only covering 1 chunk x 1 chunk. Now, they cover their proper 3x3 area. Additionally, we’ve made players get notified of their mutes and warns to decrease the confusion and enabled the island fly command in the island GUI, which previously gave a warning message. Lastly, we’ve added a /spawner command. This command allows players to remove holograms from all of their spawners, reducing island lag exponentially.

Content Announcement(s)

Creator Crates:

Creator Crates are an awesome new way to truly become a part of your favorite creator’s time spent on SpaceDelta! These crates will be available to purchase on the online store. Features inside these crates will be a wide variety of items. We’ll be releasing the Jerome Crate first. Within this crate you can expect rewards such as the typical value blocks, spawners, hoppers, and even items such as currency shipments, dungeon keys, and rank vouchers! However, the true reward lies in the Jerome-related items. A ‘Jerome Kit’ will feature a full set of armor and a tag all related to Jerome will be available! If you’re lucky, you may even receive these items on your first time rolling the crate! If not, don’t worry - The crates will be available to be purchased several times over, meaning you have infinite chances! So, enjoy rolling for these brand new exclusive rewards!

Well, that’s all for this week folks! As always, we hope you had fun learning about all the new and exciting changes coming to SpaceDelta this week! We’ll see you next week for another awesome content post here at SpaceDelta! Enjoy the weekend - Stay happy, stay healthy, and, as always, keep on enjoying all of Skyblock Aurora’s fantastic content!

- Gaelen Moore

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