Dev Notes #1: The Release

Dev Notes #1: The Release

Our first dev notes! Let's talk about release...

Date: December 16th, 2020

Author: Gaelen Moore

As you all should know, SpaceDelta’s release to the public occurred on December 12th. For all intents and purposes, the release went well. We experienced a peak of just over fifty concurrent players, with over eighty unique players logging on over the course of the day. With the release, various bugs arose, resulting in a short maintenance period, the details of which can be found below.

As the weekend came to a close, the server experienced some terminal issues. This occurred after some unavoidable mishaps, specifically with the databases overlapping one another. This resulted in a temporary loss of data and resultant rollback. This rollback caused many bugs that were present during Beta to arise once more. During the brief maintenance, these issues were resolved once more. Unfortunately, some player data was wiped to assure that no corrupted data caused a similar issue once again. Due to this inconvenience, the SpaceDelta Administration will be offering rewards throughout the week; so keep an eye out for those.

In addition to the maintenance, a variety of features have been temporarily disbarred from the general public. These features and a brief summarization of why they were delayed can be found below:

  • The Black Market: The Black Market was delayed due to an incident regarding the overlap of the holograms used to display various items. As the market is meant to swap items weekly, an issue arose where the items on-deck were showing long before they were meant to. The Black Market should be released shortly, providing the ability to purchase powerful items such as Harvester Hoes.
  • Coin Flip: Coin Flip, which was originally on the server, was taken down by the SpaceDelta Administration due to a bug which resulted in the two options, head or tails, having uneven chances of victory. This bug will be resolved shortly and the feature added back to SpaceDelta with the proper percentage chance of victory; a 50/50 split.
  • The Void: The Void was disabled primarily due to two main issues. First, a mechanic called corruption was not working as intended. Corruption, which was meant to be applied slowly and deal damage to the player, was instead not being applied at all. Lastly, an issue arose with voidshards wherein joining the queue and leaving it immediately after would result in the gain of five hundred voidshards instead of the intended loss of that amount.

What's Next?

With the release done and the maintenance period over, we still expect a certain amount of bugs. As we resolve the aforementioned features, more may arise; this is to be expected, but not guaranteed. As they come up, they will be resolved accordingly. In the next week, it is the hope of the Administration Team that all of the major features that have been delayed will be fully released, with all of their respective issues resolved. In addition to this, SpaceDelta can expect more players than ever, with advertisements ramping up in frequency.

With that, we ask that you keep enjoying SpaceDelta! We have big things in store for you all, and we hope that you have a fantastic time on Aurora Skyblock.

We'll have a new patch out Saturday. Expect 1-2 hours of downtime.

- Gaelen Moore.

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