Dev Notes #2: The Holidays

Dev Notes #2: The Holidays

The holidays are here!

Date: December 30th, 2020

Author: Gaelen Moore

The Holidays

As the Holidays rapidly approached, the Administration and Development teams remained hard at work. However, after solving many of the smaller issues during the first week, no new developments were completed during the period of 12/18 to 12/25. Due to this, an executive decision was made to skip the Dev Notes for that week and incorporate them in with this week; the week you’re reading now. That’s right, we’re back baby!

This week, the SpaceDelta Team was most focused on fixing various bugs that arose. Included in these bugs were various visual glitches surrounding both spawners’ and the Black Markets’ holograms. Also in the Black Market, there was a small mishap regarding a Dungeon Key and Crate Key being sold. These two wanted to swap positions, but we’ve now put them back in their rightful places. The Void was also updated in a minor sense, increasing the difficulty slightly. Lastly, small quality-of-life changes were made such as runes displaying their minimum and maximum levels in /rune list as well as a delay that was added to /is, /island, and /islands.

Black Market:

The Black Market proved to be, in true fashion, an oddity in the past weeks. In our first dev notes, we covered how the Black Market was delayed. Now, it’s been released to Aurora Skyblock for all to access with /warp bm. However, during these past two weeks, the Black Market holograms have had a mind of their own. The holograms swapped places with one another or, in one case, disappeared completely. In addition, the holograms that display both type and amount of spawners were hanging around long after the spawners were destroyed. All of these issues were resolved, and we hope the holograms have learned their lessons.


Two relatively minor quality-of-life changes were made. Included in these changes was a change to /rune list. Previously, the list did not display what tiers the runes came in. Now, the list shows both the minimum and maximum levels of a rune. You can see this by hovering over said runes in /rune list. Lastly, a three second delay was added to the commands that allow players to teleport to their islands (/is, /island, and /islands). This was primarily due to the use of the command to avoid combat entirely.

The Void:

The last major change of the week comes to The Void. While the rewards of going to The Void and claiming the crates that appear mysteriously in this dimension are vast, the difficulty of said action is not so great. The Administration team observed this ‘Risk vs. Reward’ and found that the rewards far exceeded the risk. As such, we’ve increased the difficulty of The Void to more accurately reflect the reward associated with it. Happy hunting in the abyss.

What’s Next?

With another two weeks of time under our belt and the New Year rapidly approaching, the SpaceDelta team has a host of new features planned. There is one feature in particular that we’d like to touch on in this week’s dev logs though; SpaceDelta’s Backstory.

As you may know, SpaceDelta focuses on, as the name suggests, space. However, many aspects of the server go unexplained or untouched-upon. The new story page that will be located on SpaceDelta’s website aims to change this; to expand upon the backstory of SpaceDelta and create an understanding of the universe you now find yourselves in.

With that, we look forward to seeing you on the server and teaching you all about SpaceDelta’s World.

Oh, one last thing! Happy New Year!

- Gaelen Moore.

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