Dev Notes #6: The New Year Aftermath

Dev Notes #6: The New Year Aftermath

The New Year Aftermath...

Date: February 18th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore

The New Year Aftermath

If you or your friends played SpaceDelta over the weekend, Feb. 12th to Feb. 14th, you’ll have certainly noticed some fantastic events afoot! Perhaps you gave the announcement a quick glance, in which you’d also have known about the event. That said, last week’s Dev Notes were skipped, as we were all working diligently on the event. This week’s ‘episode’ will focus primarily on what occurred after the event had ended.

As the event came to an end and we reverted the server back to our typical versions, some of our previously-completed bug fixes were reverted. This caused several minor mishaps to present themselves over the course of the week, proving to be a ‘fun’ game of whack-a-bug for our Developers. That said, we believe to have chased down the majority of these bugs and re-implemented fixes. A major new bug was found, though, allowing players to infinitely dupe money with banknotes. The root problem of this bug was resolved, and is no longer possible. Next, some chat formatting was changed. Specifically, private messages were given a brand-new facelift. Finally, new spawner and hopper optimizations were added and The Void’s border now operates as intended; closing in on a specific point over time.

With that, the summary of this week’s Dev Notes is complete! If you’re interested in learning more about the changes mentioned above, go ahead and read the remainder of the Dev Notes! If not, continue on with your day!

- Money Dupe: Mid-way through the week, a brand new dupe glitch was found with the command /withdraw all. Essentially, the dupe allowed for players’ balances to break when money was withdrawn and balances were updated at the same time. Primarily, this had to do with money shipments. If players withdrew their money at the exact time their balance updated, they were able to infinitely withdraw their entire balance, doubling their money each time. This bug was resolved, and the root cause was fixed.

- Chat Formatting: A brand new update to the formatting of chat was introduced this week, specifically to messages. This brand new format allows for a cleaner, more uniform looking chat, as the messages now ‘fit in’ much better. This new format is in no way permanent, and we’ll be looking at how it’s received within the community to continue making changes to both this specific format and to the others.

- The Void: As our last major change for this week, The Void’s borders have been updated. Originally, The Void’s border was intended to shrink over time. However, for the duration of Skyblock Aurora, that has not been the case. Instead, the border remained constant at its large radius. This has been resolved, allowing the border to shrink in on itself, with crates now spawning inside the border only. At the end of the event, the radius is very small, allowing for one victor to remain at the end of The Void.

What’s Next?

In terms of what’s next for Skyblock Aurora, we’re hoping to roll out the new content that was teased numerous weeks ago here soon. To jog your memory, those items included a new spawn, brand new casino with numerous gambling methods, and a detailed storyline to go with all of SpaceDelta’ fantastic features. In the meantime, though, we’ll continue to roll out bug fixes, interact with our fantastic community, and keep on making Dev Notes!

- Gaelen Moore.

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