Dev Notes #7: The Grand Release

Dev Notes #7: The Grand Release

Skyblock Aurora Season 2's Release!

Date: March 18th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore

The Grand Release

Why hello there! We’ve missed you! If you’ve been active on SpaceDelta, you’ll know that we’ve just released Skyblock Aurora Season 2! There were two large posts made about this, one detailing a large roadmap of features for the entire duration of this season! If you missed that, go back and give it a read! We highly recommend it. With that said, though, let’s move on to what we’ve fixed during last weekend’s reset.

We’ve got a lot to cover this Dev Notes, so let’s get started. First, we fixed two different cooldowns. The first of these was with kits. Previously, players were experiencing both inaccurate kit cooldown times and a lack of kit cooldowns in different areas of Skyblock (Such as at their island versus at spawn). Second, the correct cooldown length of two hours was placed on the command /fix all. Next, souls were fixed for both phantoms and zombie pigmen. Each mob was dropping souls at a much lower rate than was intended, and both have now been resolved. Harvester hoes were also fixed, with two bugs presenting themselves this week. These bugs involved the selling price calculations and how much fiber was given when breaking sugarcane. Both have now been resolved. Regarding crates, we’ve resolved an issue that allowed players to place down crate keys making regular vanilla tripwire hooks in addition to an error that caused players to spawn in at the crates area when rejoining Skyblock Aurora. As a few quality-of-life edits, we’ve reinstated envoys (or space pods) and given players pv-1, or player vault 1. An error that made the blacksmith wipe one’s balance if it were used to restore an item's durability was resolved as well. Lastly, a glitch that made players fall to only five hearts if an equipped piece of gear had Vitality on it was resolved.

We know - That’s quite a bit to process! If you’re interested in learning a bit more about each issue mentioned above, give the below section a read. If not, we’ll see you next Wednesday for yet another Dev Notes! Enjoy your day, and enjoy Aurora Season 2!

- Kits / Fix Cooldown: During the week we noticed errors with both kits’ cooldowns and the cooldown associated with the command /fix all. With our brand new server system meant to reduce lag, various areas of Skyblock Aurora are split into different servers. Because of this, players who claimed kits on islands were able to travel to spawn and claim the same kit before their cooldown was up. Additionally, the originally-intended two hour cooldown to the /fix all command was added.

- Souls: Unintentionally, both zombie pigmen and phantoms were dropping the incorrect amounts of souls. Instead of giving one soul per mob killed or, in some cases, one per two mobs killed, each of these mobs were giving roughly one soul for every ten mobs killed. This resulted in incredibly low amounts of phantom and zombie pigmen. Since this glitch was discovered, it has been edited in the config and both mobs now give a proper amount of souls.

- Harvester Hoes: Two specific issues arose with harvester hoes this week. First, the sell price multiplier was not in fact accurate. For example, a 1.2x multiplier would only give 1x, resulting in crops selling for the same amount they would if players were to just sell them themselves. In addition to this, harvester hoes were given one less fiber than they were meant to on three-block-tall sugarcane stacks. This meant that for every one hundred stacks of sugarcane a player broke, they were receiving one hundred fiber instead of two hundred. Both of these errors have been resolved.

- Crates (Keys & Teleportation): As a couple of our players experienced over the past week, you were able to place down crate keys (tripwire hooks in-game) down on blocks. Breaking this newly-placed tripwire hook would not give back a crate key, but would simply give back the tripwire hook item. Additionally, players found themselves at crates a little more than necessary. Upon server restarts and other events similar to that, players would randomly appear at the crates area. Each of these individual issues has been resolved, with players no longer being forced towards crates and keys no longer being able to be placed down.

- Quality-of-Life: Relatively small changes here, but ones that matter nonetheless. Players have been given the permission to open player vault one using the command /pv 1, a permission they previously weren’t given. Additionally, SpacePods were added back to the server, now occurring once every thirty minutes like usual.

- Blacksmith Robbery: A relatively odd error with the blacksmith was found and resolved this week. Using the blacksmith at spawn grants replenished durability on any item for a measly $25,000. However, as many players discovered, using this blacksmith resulted in plain out highway robbery. Balances were reset, tears were cried but… gear was fixed. In all seriousness, the blacksmith would wipe players’ balances after being used. This has been resolved, and the greedy blacksmith will no longer be robbing players.

- Vitality: Players who found themselves fortunate to obtain a piece of gear with Vitality V found yet another unusual bug. When teleporting to different areas such as PvP or spawn, health was reset from 10-15 hearts down to 5. This would remain until the piece of gear was taken off and re-equipped. This has been resolved, and players now keep their precious health when teleporting.

What’s Next?

As stated in the introduction of this week’s Dev Notes, we’ve released a public document stating our intentions for Season 2. We’ve got some fantastic, exciting, and never-before-seen features coming your way over the next few months. Stay tuned for the casino we’ve been teasing, brand new boss fights, quests, adventure, and much more! All on Skyblock Aurora.

- Gaelen Moore.

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