Dev Notes #8: The Week After

Dev Notes #8: The Week After

Vote Milestones, Combat Tags, Runes, and more...

Date: March 26th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore

The Week After

Fancy seeing you here! We hope you’ve been enjoying Season 2 thus far. Things have slowed down in terms of bug fixes and we’ve re-focused on bringing you all brand new content this week. With that said, we still had a few bugs to resolve, which will be the focus of this week’s Dev Notes. With the Casino coming closer to release every day, we hope you’re equally as excited as we are! Let’s get right into the bug fixes for this week!

Compared to last week, there’s not much to cover for this week. Let’s start out with PvP-based features. First, we’ve touched up on our combat tag system, primarily improving the messages and systems behind it. Next, we’ve resolved various issues with runes including /build synchronization between servers, shovel binding issues, and, more specifically, Angler, Hemorrhage, Vend, and Stone Forge. Additionally, we’ve prevented players from putting runes on harvester hoes. Next, a host of smaller, more miscellaneous bugs. We’ve resolved players not getting hoppers from crates, a fiber dupe glitch, and being able to take upgrade paper out of spawner GUIs. Additionally, an issue that resulted in players not getting vote rewards when they hit 30 votes was resolved. Next, Void portals exploding right before players escape has been fixed. Lastly, we’ve disallowed joining The Void with parties and resolved parties disappearing between servers.

That’s it for this week! A host of the bugs were small this week. The backend team has been heavily focusing on getting features such as the Casino out to you - and we’re getting closer each day! In the meantime, we’ll continue to update you on each bug we resolve!

- Combat Tag: Our previous combat tag system was a bit clunky and sent some odd messages, such as the “You are no longer combat tagged!” upon death. This system has been modernized, now replaced with a more sleek, overall improved version of itself.

- Build Sync: An issue regarding the synchronization of players’ rune builds across different servers was discovered. This issue resulted in some runes not working, the mixing up of the order of runes applied to one’s soul, and more general issues. This has been resolved, and all servers now accurately reflect the build.

- Specific Runes: Over the last week, we’ve had a couple issues with specific runes. First, Angler was rewarding players with drops each cast, which was not intended. Additionally, Angler was clashing with the durability of fishing rods. Next we have Hemorrhage, which was causing players to bleed out in ‘safe zones’ like spawn. Additionally, Vend was causing a duping glitch. When Vend automatically sold ores to the shop, the ore would also drop, resulting in 2x the appropriate amount of ore. Lastly, Stone Forge had issues repairing multiple pieces of armor at once. All of these issues have been resolved accordingly.

- Rune Application: Issues with rune application presented themselves on two different tools; harvester hoes and shovels. For shovels, runes specifically labeled as being able to be applied to shovels were refusing to apply. However, for harvester hoes, players were unintentionally able to add runes to them. These runes were deleted when the harvester hoe changed modes from “collect” to “sell”. Both issues have been resolved.

- Vote Milestones: As a newly-implemented feature, Vote Milestones had quite the smooth integration into Skyblock Aurora. However, a bug regarding the rewards they’re meant to give was discovered. Specifically, the “30 Votes” milestone’s rewards were not distributed to players as they should have been. This has been resolved on the backend, and the commands now execute correctly, rewarding players accordingly when they reach the milestone.

- The Void: Last but not least, we have The Void. Two distinct issues occurred regarding The Void this week. The first of these was the escape portals exploding before players were allowed to exit through them. Second, players were experiencing issues when attempting to join The Void with parties. We’ve disallowed this, as it was not originally intended to be possible.

What’s Next?

The plan for Skyblock Aurora is still as we’ve been pushing for the past couple of weeks. We’re hard at work on some brand new, incredibly exciting features for you all! Keep your eye out on the Discord for the Casino announcement! Until then, though, we’ll keep fixing bugs and taking suggestions, making Skyblock Aurora the best it can be!

- Gaelen Moore.

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