Faction Rules & Regulations

Faction Rules & Regulations

An extensive list of Faction-specific rules.

Date: July 2nd, 2020

Author: Lotus




The core base of one's faction must not be larger than 15x15 chunks. This is defined as the base of operations (spawners, grinders, etc.) - empty box space will not be counted. You cannot have multiple boxes in the same base.


No more than 20 chunks should be claimed from the outer-most claim of your core base (Even if you have 0.5 or 0.1 of a chunk as walls, you can't have 20.5 chunks as your buffer. The 0.5 or 0.1 counts as the outer most). This applies to multiple factions or alt factions built together, and attempting to loophole this rule will result in an instant penalty.


Bitch claims -- that is, claims that are in the middle of another faction's claimed land/or claims intended to interrupt a factions claiming area -- are not allowed and will be removed when reported.


The Faction who claims the corner-most chunk within the first 48h of a SOTW / season has access to all core and buffer claims of that corner. Any claims around a "claimed" corner will be removed. After the second day, the corner will be subject to interruption claims.


A faction cannot have more than one corner; If a faction has more than one corner, they will have to choose which gets unclaimed.
A faction and its alt faction(s) cannot have more than one claimed base. You are allowed to have unlimited, unclaimed vaults.
You are not allowed to have an anti-pearl base design. Doing so will cause immediate disqualification of your faction.


While Alt Factions are technically allowed, they count towards your factions limitations. This means you can not use alt factions to bypass any rule claiming or otherwise. Any Faction(Especially Alt Factions) found to be claiming excessive land pointlessly will lead to having both/all factions involved disbanded and disqualified for the next payout or more, at the discretion of the administrative team. Alt Factions are not allowed to 'Raid', Claim Cannons, Hold/Place Value or Wealth.



Mining spawners and opening chests are not enabled in other factions' land. Players are able to use CEggs to accomplish the same task, at a monetary investment.


Due to the above rule, watering or placing blocks around your spawners or chests at any time is not allowed. Spawners will automatically soak up water, and any factions caught putting blocks within three blocks of their spawners will be penalized. This same rule applies to chests.
There should essentially be no less than 2 air blocks between a spawner and a block. The only exceptions to this is in the casing/box of grinders where a 1 block gap is allowed on the outer spawners or other spawners/chest on each other; this is at the discretion of the administration team if you are caught abusing this leeway.


Raid alerts via third-party clients and redstone checkboxes are NOT allowed.
TNT detectors are not allowed.
AFKing within 5 chunks of the outermost wall (not including base if outermost wall is close enough) is illegal.


You have unlimited time to raid someone.
A 25 minute cooldown ensues after a raid timer expires or a succesful raid has taken place.


Raid defenses that involve redstone, such as automatic pistons, are NOT allowed.
Gen-patching while being raided is NOT allowed; you must wait at least 5 minutes after the last cannon shot, that is aimed at your land, before gen-patching raided or broken blocks.
You can only have one counter-cannon per raiding cannon. *You can only have one cannon firing(not back to back switching cannons).
You cannot mine or break spawners while being raided. Doing so will cause your spawners to be confiscated and all player data erased.


You are NOT allowed to team up with another faction to raid the same faction. You are also NOT allowed to raid a faction while they are currently being raided/in cooldown between raid timers. Factions found abusing raid timers to discourage raids will be punished severely.


Left & Right Shooting cannons are NOT ALLOWED. Your faction will be disqualified if one is built and/or used.


Only one cannon may be built and used in a raid.


Any connected claims that have a cannon shooting at an enemy base or cannon is classified as a raid claim
You are only allowed to have two raid claims (8x8 max, one on each side) at each base that you're raiding. This claim must be unclaimed before a new one is claimed at the same base.
Anti-raid claims are not allowed from the behind. You are expected to counter from your base or buffer claims or from the side. This mean you CANNOT COUNTER FROM BEHIND.
F Shield - Raiding during F Shield is not allowed. However you are allowed to 'counter cannon' from your base claims during F Shield duration.


You can have a maximum of 20 walls on a cannon that's trying to raid someone. This rule does not include counters.



Cannoning or cegging to remove spawners (even if mineable)
Pre-stacked sand


Cannons and lag machines intentionally used to cause performance issues  - "intentionally" defined at discretion of Administrators+
Cannons that shoot TNT or sand past the world border or sky limit (255)
Auto-cannons are not allowed
More than 3 sand comps (2 is okay)
Exploiting server mechanics and server-side issues / glitches. If you're unsure if something is intended, ASK a staff member.
You cannot connect cannon boxes in a 4 chunk radius.
Left and right shooting
Auto-Adjust shooting cannons are not allowed
Roof Cannoning is not allowed.
Reverse Nuking (Shooting around ground floor and removing the whole wall from bottom to sky limit) is not allowed.
You cannot go through more than one wall at a time per button press with a cannon.
Wall removers are illegal.
Horizontal Shooting Cannons are illegal.


Regen walls are not enabled and cannot be made on the server.



Scamming and lying are allowed except for the following exceptions:
1. Staff members are NOT allowed to scam or lie to players
2. IRL / Paypal money must not be directly involved in the scam.


Insiding is not allowed as it is scummy and a terrible thing to do.


Using any method/exploit that would make a base unraidable such as using blocks such as Enchanting Tables, Fences, etc... in place of slabs on base walls is strictly prohibited.


Schematica and Printer are allowed on the server.
Schematica and Printer are not allowed for patching walls.


The act of using F11 to continue an action while not actively inputting at one’s keyboard is not allowed.


If you receive roster rewards (e.g. for promising to bring on a roster of 50 players, etc) but do not bring on the promised number of players by the end of grace (that season), your rewards will be removed and ALL playerdata within the faction will be reset. Further punishment may be applicable depending on the circumstances.


You are not allowed to ally or truce with any team while PVPing or Raiding.

// F TOP


ALL of your spawners MUST be placed BEFORE each Wednesday, 5PM (EST) for them to count towards F Top. While this is not enforced via Factions, staff members will be looking at place logs if your F Top values jump too steeply before Saturday -- failure to comply can lead to disqualification from FTop Payouts.


No faction is allowed to split value to claim more than ONE FTop position. Factions involved doing this will be disqualified and split value rolled back and/or deleted.


Breaking a tier three rule, or any of the above rules, can result in the immediate disqualification of your faction from the F Top rewards of that month if you are a coleader or leader. Other measures may be taken, as listed under the General Penalty section below. Disqualifications for such rule breaking will happen at the discretion of management.


If a leader of a faction is inactive for more than 10 days without notice, their rank can be removed and given to the next highest member in the faction.


Factions are allowed to win F Top monthly rewards consecutively.


In the true nature of competition no allies, truces or neutral relations between factions are NOT allowed. This is not limited to built in f ally/truce, but verbal agreements as well. No faction is allowed to give value to another faction, especially if significant enough to effect the outcome of FTop.

Any faction found doing so in any form will result in all involved factions disqualified from FTop, as well as their value rolled back and deleted. If you are not sure if your contribution is "significant", please check in with a member of staff.


Breaking any of the above rules will result in your faction receiving a strike. You will have 24 hours to remove the offending issues, if applicable. Receiving another strike, or refusing to fix outstanding issues, can result in:

The forcible removal of relevant items / balances
Clearing of player data
Deleting of structures or entire bases
Disqualification of the Faction
Banning of certain / all members

- depending on the severity of the offence. Administrators+ are the only staff members that can carry out these punishments, and must consult with the rest of the team before issuing any. This means all rules/punishments are at the discretion of the Administration team based on circumstance.

Thank you for reading!

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