How To: Artifact Edition

How To: Artifact Edition

Become more powerful than ever!

Date: July 11th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore


Hello hello! Welcome to the official SpaceDelta guide on artifacts! Artifacts are very, very powerful runes that can be applied to weapons and armor alike! At the time of making this there are seven artifacts available to you, the player! Keep an eye out though, as we plan to add more throughout Skyblock Aurora’s life! Without going on for too much longer, let’s get right into how you can obtain these powerful artifacts!

Follow These Steps

1). First on your journey to becoming an artifact king, you’ve got to buy gems! Gems are available for purchase on our store (

You can access this store by typing the previously-mentioned URL to your browser’s search bar OR by typing /buy in-game, which will bring up the GUI displayed below, where you can then select ‘Gems’ to purchase them!

2). Once you’ve purchased your brand new, shiny Gems, you’ll need to head on over to the in-game store using /buy. If you’re already there - Great! From there, click the beacon. This will bring you to the artifact crate section of the in-game store shown below!

Each crate will cost you 100 Gems, or roughly $1. Alternatively, you can go to the stardust shop and purchase artifact crate keys for 10,000 Stardust each! Crates have a fantastic loot table that will certainly give you worth-while rewards even if you don’t roll the artifact on the first try! That said, you are absolutely guaranteed to receive the artifact upon rolling the crate 80 times. Once you purchase the crate with the shop GUI displayed above, you’ll be given a crate key! Redeem these like any other crate key (by right clicking or shift right clicking to redeem multiple at once)!

3). When you’ve received your key(s), head over to /warp crates OR open the crate GUI remotely using /crate. From there, you’ll be able to select the artifact. Keep in mind that these artifacts rotate weekly, and only one is able to be opened by players like yourself per week. Make sure you purchase the key pertaining to that week. Alternatively, stockpile on all different kinds of keys and wait for them to rotate in!

4). Open your crate with your newly-acquired crate key and cross your fingers in hopes of receiving an epic artifact! These artifacts only go to Tier I, so don’t be disappointed if you’re greeted with a single I after the artifact’s name! Each artifact, like typical runes, will have its own fancy graphic to go along with it! See Devoid I below!


That’s it! If you’ve gotten this far, you should know all you need to in order to acquire those awesome artifacts. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get them on your first few rolls. Keep going and you’re sure to get your hands on these incredibly powerful bits of gear! As always, have fun, stay safe, and keep on keepin’ on at Skyblock Aurora S3!

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