How To: Battlepass Edition

How To: Battlepass Edition

So many rewards, so much to do!

Date: July 11th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore


So, you’re looking to become a master of the Battlepass! Well, this guide is definitely for you. Here, we’ll discuss all the various ways that you can obtain Battlepass XP as well as the rewards you can get from leveling up your Battlepass! Keep in mind that there are two tiers of the Battlepass - Free and Premium. The Premium version of the Battlepass costs 1,500 Gems, a premium currency available for purchase on OR by using /buy in-game. This version of the Battlepass boasts unique cosmetic rewards than the free one. With that said, let’s get into how you can level your Battlepass up and the type of rewards you can acquire by doing so!

Everything You Need to Know

Below is a brief list of all the methods in which you can acquire Battlepass XP. Keep in mind that each task will give you a different amount of XP. These amounts are mostly based on difficulty.

- Killing mobs in the PvP world

- Killing Obelisk bosses

- Finding custom items (Only gives XP the first time you find them)

- Unboxing rune crystals

- Applying runes

- Combining runes

- Unboxing artifacts

- Applying artifacts

- Playing the server (Gives XP every 15 minutes of active playtime)

- Daily log-in

- Winning events (E.G. Skull Island)

- Buying things with gems (Based off of amount spent)

Now that you know all of the methods of obtaining Battlepass XP, let’s go over what you can get from leveling up your shiny new Battlepass! Rewards include but are not limited to cosmetics such as trails, wings, and tags as well as gems, shipments, custom items only obtainable in the Battlepass, boosters, artifacts, and so much more! The Premium Battlepass will certainly not disappoint!


Wow! After all that knowledge, you must be a Battlepass master by now! If not, what are you still doing here? Get on Skyblock Aurora, purchase your premium Battlepass, and start earning awesome rewards! Seriously - Go on! Oh, and as always; stay happy, stay healthy, and we’ll see you out there!

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