How To: Free Rank Edition

How To: Free Rank Edition

All for the low low price of absolutely free!

Date: July 11th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore


Fancy seeing you here on our brand new wiki! Welcome to the official SpaceDelta on how to get a free rank! This guide will explore all the various ways you can obtain one of our coveted ranks from Cadet to Celestial all for free! Let’s jump right in and save you some money!

The Various Methods

1). The first and probably most common method to obtain free ranks is from shipments in The Void. While ranks are no longer available in typical crates or shipments, The Void is a whole different animal! These crates boast some of the best rewards in the game, ranks included! Ranks available to be obtained in The Void range from Cadet to Celestial - That’s right, you can get the highest rank for free! They are available in crates with a low percent chance to spawn. Each tier of crate has a different rank that it can contain. For example, basic would give the Cadet rank while legendary would give Legend! Check out one of these crates below!

2). The second way that you can obtain a rank for free comes with the various events SpaceDelta holds. These events don’t reward ranks outright. Rather, they award players with vouchers to use in our store. For example, the Skull Island event winner receives $100 worth of store credit! Keep in mind that SpaceDelta hosts various events in-game but also hosts giveaways on Discord! Make sure you win some events like Skull Island so you can get your hands on some juicy store credit and get that new rank you’ve been looking at!

3). The last way you can obtain a rank free of charge is from the Battlepass. Users who purchase the Battlepass will be rewarded with Gems, a premium currency that can be used to purchase all sorts of things; including but not limited to ranks! Throughout the Battlepass, you’ll receive roughly 1,500 Gems! You can then use these Gems by typing /buy and purchasing ranks amongst other things!


That’s all for this relatively short guide! By now, you should know all of the various ways that you can obtain a rank at no charge to you! Keep in mind we’re always hosting different events that you can be notified about in our Discord server - Join Today and make sure you don’t miss out! We’ll see you next time: Who knows, you may just have a shiny new rank when we do! Stay happy, stay healthy, and keep on enjoying your time on Skyblock Aurora!

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