How To: Resource Pack Edition

How To: Resource Pack Edition

Having trouble with joining the server because of the texture pack? Read this guide!

Date: November 1st, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore


Why hello! Welcome to the official guide to enabling the resource pack on Skyblock Aurora! The resource pack is a feature added during Season 3 to enhance player experience with custom items, bosses, and more! As such, we do require that it’s enabled to play. This document will show you exactly how to enable the resource pack and download it so that you may join the server and start seeing all the cool things we have to offer!

Client Side Enabling

Before you join SpaceDelta, you’ll want to make sure that you have server resource packs enabled. This is a Vanilla Minecraft setting and can be found by highlighting SpaceDelta in your server list and clicking the ‘Edit’ button as shown here:

Once you’ve reached the ‘Edit’ screen, as shown below, you’ll want to make sure that the option ‘Server Resource Packs’ is enabled. Check out what your screen should look like below!

After you’ve enabled server resource packs as shown above, you’re ready to join the server! As you can see above, the IP is and we support versions 1.15+ - So make sure you’re on a version we support! Once you log on, you’ll immediately be prompted to accept the resource pack. You must accept this to play on the server. The prompt should look like this!

Once you accept, you’ll be able to see our custom hub screens and join! To fully join the server, click on the ‘Play Now! You can see this button highlighted below.

That’s it - Simple as can be! You’re now in the fantastic spawn of Skyblock Aurora and ready to speak to your brand new assistant, Micro-Bot! Go on and explore the Universe! No really, go on!


If you’ve gotten to the conclusion of this guide, we hope you were able to fully log on, resource pack and all! If you are still unable to log on or enable the resource pack, go back through the guide to make sure all the steps are completed properly! If the issue persists, don’t hesitate to open a ticket in our Discord so we can personally assist you with the issue. Have a fantastic rest of your day and, as always, stay happy, stay healthy, and keep on playing Skyblock Aurora!

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