New Updates

New Updates

Testing 1, 2, 3... Testing 1, 2, 3...

Date: July 11th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore


Yeah, I couldn’t believe she said that eit- Oh… He- Hello! I almost didn’t see you there! You must be here for another update on Skyblock Aurora S3! Well, you’ve stumbled on to the right post! Today we’ll be talking about some of the incredible new features we’ve been testing as well as features we’ve chosen to introduce as a result of that testing! I won’t hold you up in the introduction for too long - So, without further adieu, let’s go!

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Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been extensively testing each and every feature of the server in hopes of finding every bug and exploit there is. In addition to the staff team testing, we’ve introduced 16 external testers. These testers and the team have been putting in countless hours to find bugs to allow us to fix them. We’ve found and fixed far too many bugs to list, but a small number of them can be found below:

- IS Top not displaying certain people / islands

- Rune enchant / disenchant values incorrect

- Spawners not stacking or changing type when attempted to be stacked

- XP Shipments not giving levels

- Many text errors

- Mob drop numbers being incorrect

- No access to /pv (personal vault[s])

- And so many more!

We've shortened the actual bug list by four pages! That's right, it has 6 total pages of bugs that we've found and on well on our way to fixing! We are on track to finish with bug fixing by July 24th, bringing us ever-closer to a grand release!

New Features:

As a result of all of this testing, we’ve created a host of brand new features for you to explore! These features are primarily meant to tailor the server towards longevity. Additionally, some of the features that are listed below are for brand new players!

- Previewing all the different island sizes

- Daily goals that give small rewards

- Fishing in the PvP area

- Assistant to guide new players through starting out

- And more!


That’s all - Not much to report for this week. We’ll be testing a lot more throughout the coming weeks and we’ll continue fixing all the bugs that we find! We know this won’t result in a perfectly bug-free environment for all the new players, but we hope it can come very close. As we go on, we’re nearing being ready to release! Yes, you heard that right - We’re so close to releasing Skyblock Aurora Season 3! We hope you’re all very, very excited: We certainly are after all. Stay safe, stay healthy, and we’ll see you soon on Skyblock Aurora!

- Gaelen Moore

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