New Frontiers (Cont…)

New Frontiers (Cont…)

A further peak into the brand new SpaceDelta.

Date: June 26th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore


Hello once more - That’s right, we’re back so soon. Surely you had to be expecting more from such a large downtime! I’ll keep this week’s introduction short and to the point. We have a whole host of content in the making. This post coupled with our last one will tell you all you need to know about Season 3! Without further adieu, let’s get right into it.

Major Content

Custom Items:

We’re introducing a plethora of new items this season. These items will serve many different purposes, primarily used for different tiers of ascension, a system used to increase armor effectiveness. Additionally, custom items will allow users to spawn bosses in The Obelisk, something we’ll get more into later. These items will range from things like the fragment of an ancient skull or a piece of a forgotten hero’s shattered sword; each serving a vastly different purpose and able to be acquired through different methods!


Duels are something brand new we’re introducing to SpaceDelta! As it stands now, we have five arenas themed after the different species in SpaceDelta’s lore. You’ll become accustomed to these as we release all of our already-written lore throughout the coming seasons. These arenas all have their own specialties and different ways to fight best. That said, duels will take place between two players. Spectating duels and betting on them will be possible, allowing for a sort of sport to be created out of PvP - Something Skyblock Aurora has never officially seen!

Dungeon Reworks:

Dungeons are getting a massive overhaul this season. This is not something that will be available on launch, but is something that we’d still like to talk about. Our previous dungeons focused too much on parkour and the PvE aspects were weak. The new dungeons that have been created serve to change that. Each of the six brand new dungeons will be themed towards the server’s unique lore, expanding our universe even further. These dungeons will each have three tiers of difficulty (easy, medium, and hard), rewarding different amounts of lux for each level. New aspects will include amazing bosses, custom mobs, and incredible puzzles!


You’ll recognize the name ‘Obelisk’ from past posts as well as previously within this one. This massive structure is a cosmic arena created before time itself. It holds some of the most powerful bosses the universe has ever seen. These bosses can be summoned with the custom items that were previously talked about. Beware, though, these terrifying creatures are not to be trifled with. Tread carefully… and bring some friends.

Project Stratos:

Project Stratos has been a very large backend project during the downtime. This project is important to the longevity of the server. We’ve put together a fantastic marketing plan, one that will hopefully reward us with hundreds of players. This meant that our previous server was not enough to handle what we had planned. Stratos serves to fix that. We accomplished this fix by replicating a system Hypixel uses making use of numerous different lobbies, or servers, that players are split into. This will drastically reduce lag, allowing us to host more players seamlessly!

Minor Content

Leveling System(s):

SpaceDelta will have three distinct leveling systems in Season 3. The first is vanilla XP, important for things like enchantment or rune acquisition. The second will be the battle pass, which functions as most other battle passes in other games do. Players will complete challenges to earn battle pass XP, where each level will bring a new reward.

Shipment Reworks:

New values have been applied for money, experience, and stardust shipments. These values have been changed to fit our brand new economy. In order from I to IV, money shipments now reward 5-50k, 10-100k, 25-250k, and 500k-1m. In order from I to IV for experience shipments, players will be rewarded 25-40lvls, 40-60lvls, 60-85lvls, and 85-105lvls. Lastly, in order from I to IV, stardust shipments will reward 10-50 stardust, 25-125 stardust, 50-250 stardust, and 200-1,000 stardust.

Voting & Vote Party Reworks:

In our old system, voting rewarded players with cash. With the new system, this will no longer apply. Instead, players will only get common crate keys, with a 5% chance to receive a lunar crate key. Additionally, vote parties have a 70% chance to grant players with a common crate key, 20% chance to grant them with a lunar crate key, and only a 5% chance to give a nova crate key.

SpaceDelta Wiki:

The SpaceDelta wiki will be a valuable tool for new users and veterans alike. This wiki will have a wide variety of content including but not limited to guides on various topics as well as stories that allow players to delve into our deep-seeded lore.

Currency Shop Reworks:

This season’s currency shop will focus on currency conversion. Lux will be our ‘top’ currency, and players will be able to convert from one currency to another via various methods. The conversion rate will be $100,000 -> 100 Stardust -> 1 Lux. This means that 1 Lux will now be worth $100,000! This will allow for economic diversity and conversion opportunities server-wide!

Custom Subdomain Tracker:

The custom subdomain tracker is something that is useful for the SpaceDelta staff. This feature will allow us to track how many players join through the subdomain and how many sales were purchased through it. What does this mean for you? Well, it allows us to create more targeted advertisements as well as hone in on some of the finer details of the server, creating the best space possible for players like yourself.


With all that said, we hope you’re more excited than ever - We certainly are. Season 3 will be like nothing SpaceDelta has seen thus far. Prepare for far better, far bigger things to come. In the meantime, we’ll keep providing updates and interacting with the community wherever possible. Enjoy your day! Stay healthy and stay excited, it’s all coming together soon… It’s all coming to Skyblock Aurora!

- Gaelen Moore

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