New Frontiers

New Frontiers

A brand new SpaceDelta... Sort of.

Date: June 12th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore


Man - It sure is fancy seeing you here! It’s been a while! I’ve missed our chats these past few weeks. That said, we have a fantastic update for you this week. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that SpaceDelta has been down for maintenance for a few weeks already. This is in preparation for Season 3, which will introduce many insane features to Skyblock Aurora that have never been seen before. This post serves to update you all on those features and give you a glimpse into the world that SpaceDelta staff have been in the past weeks. I won’t delay you any longer… Let’s jump right into what we have stored for you.

Major Content


Artifacts are massively powerful runes. These artifacts will have incredible effects such as “Keepsake”, an artifact that will act as keepinventory for one single item. Upon death, the item with “Keepsake” applied to it will remain in the recently-deceased player’s inventory. These artifacts will be available to be acquired with artifact crates, a brand new item that will be available for purchase.


Boosters are something we’ve talked about before this announcement. These boosters will be another thing available for purchase in SpaceDelta’s web store. They will apply multipliers to various things like XP earned, money earned, and other things! These boosters can be applied to single users or globally for the entire server if you’re feeling generous!


Cosmetics are another thing we’ve discussed and another one that will be available on the web store. These cosmetics will range from things like wings, trails, and more adorable pets! These will range in price and provide no in-game advantage, so don’t worry about that!

Trick your character out with all the coolest stuff and impress your island mates!

Discord Bot:

The Discord bot is a bit more advanced. The bot will boast major custom-made features such as suggestions, tickets, bug reports, player reports, in-game chat, several leaderboards, and more. This bot is meant to streamline the connection between the in-game world and the Discord. We noticed a bit of a disconnect between these two aspects of SpaceDelta, and this bot is here to fix all that! Enjoy a near-seamless transition between these two different parts of the SpaceDelta network.


Gems are a new currency we’re introducing to SpaceDelta. This will be available for purchase on the web store, and will act as a conversion between real-life money and currency that is used in-game. These gems will be used for a variety of powerful items, and will even be tradeable to other players for ranks, items, etc… The possibilities are endless!

PvP World Revamp:

The PvP world, a popular part of Skyblock Aurora, will be getting a major revamp. The map itself will be changed to a new world; Nufeal. This world is a barren desert planet that seems to have been invaded by something… nefarious. Within this world will be numerous tiers of mobs ascending in difficulty as you get further away from the center.

These mobs will give fantastic rewards - You’ll have to wait to see what these rewards will be though!

Star Weapons:

Star Weapons are the last major feature we’ll be talking about in this post.

These weapons are incredibly powerful, especially when coupled with artifacts. Where typical gear has room for six runes, star weapons have room for nine. That’s right, nine! This allows for infinitely superior combinations of runes and artifacts. These fantastic weapons will be able to be obtained by defeating powerful mobs at The Obelisk. “The what?” you might be asking… The Obelisk! We’ll keep you guessing as to what that rather ominous place may contain…

Minor Content

Casino Changes:

The Casino was a large part of Season 2’s shortness. As players found cracks in the casino’s soundness, they amassed incredible amounts of money: into the quintillions and far beyond towards the last few days of the season. That said, we’re implementing two major changes to the casino to mitigate this risk to our economy. The first being a betting cap, meaning players can only bet a certain amount of money per bet. Additionally, we’ll be increasing the ‘house edge’, as our math turned out to be incorrect when calculating last season’s house edge.

Corrupted Items:

Corrupted items received in The Void are getting a slight revamp as well. Last season, corrupted weapons (ranging in tier from basic to mythic) were all set at a specific percentage of corruption. This is being changed, with each tier having a range. For example, ‘Rare’ corrupted weapons will now have a range of 21% to 40% corruption. Each tier will follow these rules. Additionally, we’re adding corrupted armor. Where corrupted weapons deal a certain multiplier of damage, corrupted armor will negate a certain percentage of damage.

Rune Graphics:

Starting in Season 3, all of our runes will have custom graphics. That’s right - All 150+ of them! From Basic to Legendary, each rune will have a hotbar image that was custom made just for that rune. The image will depict a loose definition of what the rune does, and the outer lining color will define rarity. In addition, rune level will also be depicted in the corner of the images!

Spawn Revamp:

We noticed that the spawn felt a tad bit empty once you ventured outside of the primary area. To resolve this issue, we’ve revamped the entire outer ring! Gone is the boring decorum consisting mainly of boxes and the wide, empty corridors. They’ve been replaced with amazing builds that relate to major features of the server such as a place for The Void and another for the Casino. Same concept as what we had originally envisioned, but executed properly now!

Void Revamp:

As the last feature we’d like to talk about Today, we will be revamping The Void. This goes beyond what we talked about earlier with the corrupted items. The mob waves are now far more difficult, and killing mobs reduces corruption by less. This means that corruption is an actual challenge that must be addressed by players. If not addressed, this will be fatal. Make sure you’re killing some mobs while you run around and loot like madmen!


We hope this post absolutely piques your excitement for Season 3… That said, we’ve got more in store for you. This is the first of two posts we’re going to release before Season 3 is in full effect.

That’s right - All that you read? That’s not all we’re releasing. Get excited… This update is something truly special, and it’s all coming to Skyblock Aurora!

  • Gaelen Moore

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