Patch Notes 1.03 | Skyblock Aurora

Patch Notes 1.03 | Skyblock Aurora

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Date: January 12th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore

The Run-Down

Why hello there! This first week of 2021 has been quite eventful, for the world and for Aurora Skyblock! We’ve been hard at work creating several incredible new features that were detailed in this week’s patch notes and will be detailed later in these patch notes. In addition to this, numerous fixes were made to Aurora Skyblock over this week that resolved some bugs, both recurring ones and new ones.

This week was paced a fair bit quicker than the previous two. In general, this week’s bug fixes consisted of similar items compared to the other patch notes. Some issues that were resolved were issues that had re-occurred from previous weeks, and others were new. In the Black Market, the purchasable random runes were giving players crate keys instead. Both of these issues were resolved, and the items should now be both in the right place and giving the correct rewards. In addition to this, a fix with being able to grind fiber by placing, breaking, and re-placing sugar cane was resolved. MythicMobs was updated due to a large amount of resource usage that resulted from a particularly large cache. Other plug-ins were also updated. The corruption system was updated to work more closely to what was originally intended. Lastly, an issue with island blocks and spawners that give the island value doubling on recalculation was resolved.

In addition to all of these bug fixes, we’re proud to announce some new content coming to Aurora Skyblock. Included in this category is a brand new, much larger spawn, a casino to suit all your gambling needs, and a brand new backstory to the SpaceDelta universe. With that, though, The Run-Down is completed. If you’re interested in hearing about these changes in more detail, please reference the remainder of the Patch Notes.

Bug Fixes

- Black Market Holograms: Similarly to last week, an issue was found with the Black Market holograms being out of place. These holograms would swap places with one another, which resulted in issues regarding rewards. This issue was tracked down and resolved for what we hope to be the last time.

- Black Market Rewards: As a partial result from the aforementioned hologram mishap, redeeming certain rewards from the Black Market in return for cold hard cash was interrupted. Specifically, the ‘3x Random Rune’ reward gave a Tier II Stardust Shipment instead of the runes it was meant to. This issue was resolved in the config, and all rewards should now give their correct items.

- Fiber Fix: An issue was found regarding Fiber, a currency used to upgrade harvester hoes. This currency is collected via the breaking of crops. That being said, an exploit arose regarding the placing, breaking, and re-placing of sugarcane. Doing so would grant players with essentially unlimited Fiber. This issue was resolved, and repeating that sequence of events no longer grants unlimited fiber.

- MythicMobs Lag: As a result of a particularly large cache in the version of MythicMobs that SpaceDelta was using, a massive amount of lag was present in the server. This lag was found to be a direct result of the cache. To resolve this, the plugin was edited accordingly and updated to its newest version. MythicMobs should no longer be causing any amount of lag.

- Corruption System: As more Void events occurred, we noticed that corruption wasn’t working as it was intended. This applies for both people and weapons / armor, but we chose the latter to focus on for the time being. Previously, the amount of corruption applied on a tool or armor piece was static according to the tier of crate it came in. Now, it follows a graph that curves upward, with a high chance to get a lower percentage of corruption and a very low chance to get a high percentage of corruption.

- IS Value Glitch: In the middle of the week, a glitch regarding the calculation of island value occurred. This glitch essentially doubled the amount of every value block and spawner present on the island. As a result, island value was doubled. This glitch occurred every single recalculation, meaning island values skyrocketed quite quickly. This issue was resolved and should no longer occur. All island values will be reset to their proper value.

New Content

- Spawn: With the old spawn reverting from its Christmas form, we thought it time to make some changes. As such, a new spawn will be coming in the next few weeks. This spawn will be much, much larger than the current one. In addition, it will include separated, themed builds for all the shops and merchants. We can’t wait to show you!

- Casino: Attaching itself to the new spawn will be a casino, a separate entity for all your gambling needs. Don’t worry, we don’t check ID. This casino will feature five major gamemodes, with the possibility of more being added down the line. We look forward to seeing whether or not you’ll make or break your wallets!

- Storyline: With all these new changes, we saw it fit to expand upon the lore of the SpaceDelta universe. Personally, this has been my passion project over the past week, and will continue to be during its duration. The story seeks to explain the inner-workings of the SpaceDelta universe, and I cannot wait to show you all what I’ve been cooking up behind the scenes.

With that, this week’s patch notes have come to an end. We hope you enjoyed reading them, and we hope you’ve enjoyed yet another week of Aurora Skyblock. We can’t wait to introduce this new content to you in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more fantastic weeks to come!

- Gaelen Moore.

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