Patch Notes 1.04 | Skyblock Aurora

Patch Notes 1.04 | Skyblock Aurora

Hoppers, holograms, and filters...

Date: January 16th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore

The Run-Down

Fancy seeing you here! Two weeks into 2021, and it’s certainly been an eventful year already, both within SpaceDelta and outside of it. But, this isn’t a place to talk about the latter. So, let’s discuss all of the changes that happened in Skyblock Aurora this week!

This week was primarily focused on ironing out numerous bugs that occurred with the new spawner system that was created recently. The Development team has been hard at work tracking down bugs and resolving them as quickly and efficiently as they can. Included in these bugs are issues with upgrades to spawners that are purchased with souls, issues with the holograms, spawners randomly breaking, and other minor issues. The spawner section in /shop was also changed, substituting mob heads in place of their respective spawners to increase clarity. In addition to the spawners, hoppers were also worked on, resolving an issue where hoppers would not unregister from islands after being broken. Lastly, both spawners and hoppers underwent a filter overhaul, allowing for more versatility and clarity while filtering items.

With all of that said, we’d like to give a gentle reminder that some brand new content will be coming to Skyblock Aurora in the coming weeks. If you missed last week’s Patch / Dev Notes, this new content includes a brand new spawn, new casino, and an extensive backstory. Go ahead and read the previous Patch / Dev Notes for a deeper explanation into all three of those items! That concludes The Run-Down, though! If you’re interested, see below for a more thorough explanation of all the changes made this week. Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you next week!

Bug Fixes

- Spawner Upgrades: With the spawner system re-write, a plethora of bugs occurred with the upgrade system. If you right click any spawner, a GUI will come up displaying various upgrades that are purchasable with souls of a specific mob, which are obtained by killing said mob. This week, various different bugs regarding the amount of souls needed to purchase upgrades and the durations of upgrades purchased were affected, either increasing or decreasing from their intended amounts. These bugs were worked on heavily throughout the week, and were mostly ironed out.

- Spawner Holograms: In addition to the upgrades, the holograms that appear above spawners have also been having some troubles with the new re-write. In addition to the typical display of how many spawners are in the stack and what kind of mob they are, new holograms were added to display upgrade duration. An issue with the length of time being displayed was discovered this week, and it was resolved in the configs.

- Batch Killing: As a way to decrease lag, batch killing was introduced. Previously, in most automatic mob grinders, mobs were killed 1-by-1 in lava. This resulted in many entities piling up, as the lava was not killing them faster than they were spawning. An approach to resolving this issue was introduced this week, allowing the mobs to be killed in batches of ten. In addition, if the stack exceeds one hundred mobs, then the mobs are killed in batches of one hundred.

- Hoppers: An issue regarding hoppers not unregistering from islands after being broken came to be found this week. This glitch blocked players from being able to place additional collection or sell hoppers in the case that they have placed and broken 32 hoppers, the beginning limit on an island, or an upgraded amount based on their specific island. This issue was resolved, and hopper count should now accurately reflect the amount of hoppers that are present.

New Content

- Filter System: Unfortunately, the previous filter system that was used for both hoppers and spawners proved to be both difficult to use and ineffective. The GUI was cluttered and difficult to navigate, and items slipped through even despite them being blacklisted. As such, a new GUI was implemented that allows for much easier use. This new GUI categorizes a wide range of items into various organized categories and is much stricter in terms of allowing items through despite the filter’s blacklisting of them.

With all that said, this week’s Patch Notes have come to a conclusion! Hopefully you enjoyed playing this week as much as we did! We’ll see you for another round of Patch Notes next week with all of the brand new changes for that week. Stay tuned, and keep a watchful eye for those brand new builds!

- Gaelen Moore.

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