Patch Notes 1.06 | Skyblock Aurora

Patch Notes 1.06 | Skyblock Aurora

Hugs, Dungeons, and The Abyss...

Date: January 30th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore

The Run-Down

As February swiftly approaches and January comes to a close, we’ve had yet another exciting week here at SpaceDelta. Hopefully your lives have been just as exciting! Let’s get right into all that happened during this week.

As the largest topic of this week, the economy experienced a massive surge. This was primarily due to the use of an exploit that allowed players to gain massive amounts of stardust very quickly. This resulted from a previous change regarding the number of stacked mobs that could be manually killed at once. In addition to this, a hopper exploit was discovered that allowed players to dupe. Both of these issues were resolved and the stardust shop was changed to reflect this new inflated economy. The Void experienced an update as well, as PvP was enabled to increase the difficulty of the event. An issue with players joining on any 1.8 version was patched. Lastly, a bug that allowed parties to kill each other in dungeons was patched.

Bug Fixes

- Economy & Stardust: After being heavily abused, the economy is now heavily inflated. This inflation includes both normal currency and stardust, the latter of which has had its shop reworked. This reworking upped stardust prices to account for the new method of obtaining stardust rapidly.

- The Void: PvP was enabled in The Void as an extra difficulty measure. A warning near The Void was added to assure that players know this event has PvP enabled now. Additionally, the time before teleporting out (after The Void event has ended) is now shorter.

- 1.8 Joins: A glitch that resulted in users who played on any 1.8 version (1.8 - 1.9) being kicked from Skyblock Aurora was resolved. This issue caused many players to not be able to play, but has since been completely resolved. Any supported version is now able to be played.

- Dungeons: An issue with the dungeons, a system that requires parties, showed itself mid-week. This issue resulted in people being able to kill their party members, but has since been resolved. Party members are now not able to be killed by one another as-intended.

New Content

- Hug Command: A hug command was added! We all need a boost of positivity now, so use /hug <name> to show your affection. If you receive a hug, a small message will appear in your chat! The command has a two minute cooldown though, so be careful who you hug.

With that, another rendition of Patch Notes has ended! We urge you to keep an eye out for the new Casino, an update that should be coming to Skyblock Aurora very shortly. Stay happy, stay healthy, and keep on playin’!

- Gaelen Moore.

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