Patch Notes 1.08 | Skyblock Aurora

Patch Notes 1.08 | Skyblock Aurora

Runes, runes, and... The Void?

Date: February 20th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore

The Run-Down

Another week, another Patch Note(s). The team has been hard at work this week resolving numerous bugs, especially after the New Years event took place during last weekend. Many of these bugs were re-occurring from previous weeks, as our server JAR was reverted. That said, many of the changes made during this week were behind-the-scenes. Without further adieu, though, let’s jump right in.

First off, The Void was altered to have its borders close in to a specific point over time. This forces players together and makes the game more of a LMS, last man standing, type event. Next, we changed the harvester hoe to allow it to be used like a normal hoe rather than it forcibly being in radius-mode. The command /rune remove was altered so that you can remove multiple runes without being forced to re-open the GUI. An issue revolving around spawners and their reluctance to load was resolved. Next, an error message that would occur when attempting to redeem the member kit was resolved. /fiber shop and all relating commands were resolved to actually function. Dungeons were optimized to better support our increasingly smooth performance. An issue disallowing the functionality of Angler IV (Specifically Anger IV, no other tier of Angler) was resolved. Next, players now have the ability to properly trade vote coins similarly to any other currency. Additionally, players are now notified when the Sentinel rune blocks attacks. Finally, an issue regarding a money dupe glitch was resolved. If you’re interested in learning more about all of these changes, give the section down below a quick read! If not, we’ll see you next week for yet another Patch Note(s).

Bug Fixes

- The Void: Altered border behavior in The Void. Borders now close on a certain point in The Void to make the event more competitive. Crates will only spawn within the border, and this new style will certainly increase Void difficulty.

- Runes:There were many changes with runes this week. The command /rune remove was altered so that upon removing a rune, the GUI stays. An issue with Angler, specifically Angler IV, was resolved; this specific tier basic rune was not activating as it should. The Sentinel rune, when equipped, will now notify the person wearing when it blocks an attack. This notification will appear in chat.

- Harvester Hoe: Previously, harvester hoes were limited to only be harvester hoes. Now, we’ve added the ability to use them as normal. Harvester hoes can still be used as they were originally intended, but this change allows for increased versatility.

- Spawner Loading Issue: An issue with spawners not loading was reported this week. This glitch was visible by spawners that no longer had holograms above them, a glitch that would result in the spawners no longer spawning mobs. This glitch was widespread, but has since been corrected. Spawners should now be loading fine and working appropriately, although some may still be broken from beforehand; please make a ticket in our Discord if this is the case for you.

- Member Kit: An error message was occurring with the Member kit specifically. This error message occurred when anyone attempted to redeem the kit. The error had to do with the configuration, and has since been resolved. All players should now be able to properly redeem the Member kit.

- Fiber Shop: The command /fiber shop and all related commands were resolved this week. Previously, these commands would not bring players to their proper and respective GUIs. These commands have all been resolved, and /fiber shop will now bring you to the fiber-based GUI shop, where you can buy various items with fiber.

- Vote Coins: Vote Coins can now be traded like any other currency. The command to do so is /coins pay <user> <amount>. This adds versatility to the currency shops, specifically to the vote coin shop, and allows for a more free-flowing and open economy.

- Money Dupe: A glitch where you could dupe money was resolved this week. This was our largest bug fix, and it occurred when players withdrew their entire balances at the precise moment it was updated. This meant that, upon opening shipments for example, players could /withdraw all at precisely the right time and break the eco plugin, being infinitely able to withdraw their balances.

New Content

Unfortunately, we’ve got no new content to announce for this week. We’ve been working diligently as a team on some amazing content to come; content we’re not quite ready to share with you. We’re looking forward to the day soon when we can reveal what we’ve been up to.

Until that point, we’ll continue as usual! Keep an eye out, keep reading these updates, and keep on having a fantastic time on Skyblock Aurora! We’ll see you next week.

- Gaelen Moore.

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