Patch Notes 1.09 | Skyblock Aurora

Patch Notes 1.09 | Skyblock Aurora

The Void, a fiery pit, and so much more...

Date: February 27th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore

Another Dupe & A Lava Hole

Returning to our regularly scheduled program(s) after the New Years Event, we’re back with yet another Dev Notes! We know, we’re excited as well. There’s a lot to cover this week, so let’s jump right in! No use wasting time!

Lots of changes coming to The Void this week. First, Player-VS-Player combat was disabled. In contrast, we’ve set the corruption, a system you’re certainly familiar with if you’ve gone to The Void, to be much more dangerous. With this change comes more mobs in The Void to reduce corruption, functionality for the originally-intended wave feature, and lower corruption reduction on mob kill(s). Next, we found a hole in the warzone caused by falling blocks, which was promptly patched up and is no longer visible. As perhaps the biggest change this week, an EXP duplication glitch was found and dealt with, originating from the /xpwithdraw all. Next, we patched a glitch that was occurring with /scratch and Spawner GUIs, a conflicting system that would break each GUI when used in conjunction. Second-to-last, the /repair and /repair all commands were altered to not work, as they were not intended to and could be abused in combat tag and without a cooldown. Lastly, runes were altered so that potentially-damaging runes such as Corruption don’t work in neutral zones like /spawn.

With that said, the summarization of this week’s Dev Notes has concluded. If you’re interested in learning more about what was said above, keep on reading! If not, that’s all right too. Have a fantastic week, and keep on playing at

- The Void: The Void underwent a couple of major changes this week. Firstly, we removed the ability to PvP. This was a feature implemented around a month ago at this point, and we’ve chosen to go a different direction soon. Additionally, we’ve corrected the Corruption system present in The Void to be as dangerous as it was originally meant to be. With this comes more densely-spawning mob waves, proper wave-based mob spawning, and less corruption-reduction upon killing a mob, all resulting in increased general difficulty.

- Warzone Hole: As some players discovered early this week, a hole in our warzone was spotted. This hole was directly straight from where users spawn, and boasted a fairly large pool of exposed lava. This, we believe, resulted from world terrain generation and falling blocks when importing the map. Players were able to die in this pool of lava, and we made the decision to block it off.

- EXP Dupe: Similarly to last week’s money dupe glitch, players found a similar glitch with EXP. This glitch allowed users to withdraw or bottle unlimited amounts of EXP using /xpwithdraw all or /xpbottle all. This glitch was obviously not intentional, and was patched quickly once discovered.

- Spawner GUI: A glitch with the /scratch and spawner GUIs was uncovered through a freak accident this week. This glitch occurred when the spawner GUI was accessed, which disabled the possibility of using the /scratch command. This worked in reverse as well. This glitch was patched, and both GUIs and commands are functional once more.

- Repair Command: Again in the wonky command department, the /repair command was broken during this week. Players previously had the ability to use /repair as an alias to /fix or /fixall. This alias, though, had no cooldown and allowed users to repair their gear without the same time-based consequence that’s present on the command /fixall. This was resolved, and players no longer have the permission to use /repair or /repair all.

- Runes: Lastly, a rather unique change to runes occurred this week. Previously, damaging runes such as ones that allowed users to leak corruption and wither people worked even in areas where players were not meant to have negative status effects such as spawn. This scenario is what we worked to fix this week. Ultimately, we chose to remove the ability for runes to affect users in ‘passive’ areas; areas such as spawn or islands where PvP is disabled.

What’s Next?

With all of that said, we’re continuing in the direction set forth in last week’s Dev Notes. While we wait for the new content that was promised, however, we plan to remain hard at work resolving bugs such as the ones listed above to further boost player experience. We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this week’s Dev Notes, that you’ll come back for next week’s, and that you continue to have fun on Skyblock Aurora!

- Gaelen Moore.

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