Patch Notes 2.00 | Skyblock Aurora

Patch Notes 2.00 | Skyblock Aurora

Voting, hoppers, cooldowns, and souls!

Date: March 20th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore

The Run-Down

With the release of Skyblock Aurora Season 2 last weekend, we’ve got a lot of things to update you on! The release was incredible, with the server peaking just over one hundred players regardless of the fact that we only advertised in our Discord! That said, we had a couple of bugs present. Let’s get right into what we’ve fixed this week.

There are a lot of smaller bugs that were resolved this week - Let’s go over them all here. Regarding chat, we’ve fixed the following issues: false flags in the chat filter, the overzealousness of the chat spam filter, the [item] command not working, and cross-server island chat not functioning. We’ve fixed the kit cooldowns and /fix all cooldown, extending the latter to its originally-intended 2 hours. Issues with island generation, crate keys, improper soul amounts, and harvester hoes were also addressed. Additionally, two bugs with runes were addressed including runes not applying between worlds and Vitality resetting players to five hearts upon teleportation. Voting, vote parties, and the auction house were all addressed as well, with the vote parties being reinstated and a dupe glitch being fixed in the auction house itself. The last major bug fix came to hoppers, which had filters that didn’t quite function as intended. There were a host of other smaller bug fixes that will be covered down below, but those are all the major changes for this week! If you’re interested in reading about those smaller changes and the ones mentioned above, go ahead and give the next section(s) a read!

Bug Fixes

- Voting: An issue with both vote parties and voting itself were brought to our attention. Vote parties have been re-enabled, and voting now gives the proper rewards.

- Hoppers: Hopper filters were dysfunctional at the start of the season, with neither the blacklist nor the whitelist functions working. Now, though, both have been resolved and hoppers pick items up in the intended manner. The filter system is a bit different than last season, though, so be aware of that!

- Kit Cooldowns: Previously, players were able to use a kit on their island then travel to spawn and use it again, basically negating the cooldown. The servers now have universal cooldowns enabled, though, so this is no longer possible.

- /tpahere: An issue with the /tpahere command was prohibiting players to actually use it. This issue has been resolved, though. You can now tpa players to yourself using /tpahere.

- Playtime Tracking: When hovering over a player’s name in chat, total playtime is visible. Previously, this displayed only one second. Now, though, the correct playtime is displayed.

- Island Chat: An issue with island chat across servers has been resolved. Previously, users were only allowed to chat to their island members from on their actual islands. Now people are allowed to use their island chat throughout the whole server.

- Soul Drops: The amount of souls that dropped for both phantoms and zombie pigmen were configured incorrectly. Both mobs now drop their intended amounts of souls, with phantoms having around a 50% chance to drop souls upon death.

- Auction House Dupe: An issue with expired items duping because of our auction house plugin was discovered by some players early on. Players were able to dupe items by repeatedly taking them out of the ‘expired items’ menu. This issue has been resolved, and players can no longer dupe items by simply allowing them to expire.

- Anti-Spam: The anti-spam filter was acting a bit mean towards players. We’ve toned it down a bit to allow for things like “gg” to be repeated. Keep in mind that the filter still restricts identical messages for actual spamming.

- [item]: The command [item], meant to display the item that one is holding in chat, has been fixed. This command previously displayed nothing due to an error, but has been corrected.

- Hug Command: The /hug command is back by popular demand. Players and staff alike now have the correct permissions to /hug anyone they so choose.

- /Fix Cooldown: The originally-intended two hour cooldown to the /fix all command has been reinstated. This is the length of time that was originally meant to be present, but was not when the server launched last Saturday.

- Crates Teleportation: An issue regarding players teleporting to the crates area upon rejoining the server was resolved. This issue primarily occurred when the server restarted after being shut down, but no longer occurs.

- SpacePods: When the server launched, SpacePods were not active. Now, they have been reactivated and occur every thirty minutes, as usual.

- Blacksmith: An issue with the blacksmith wiping players’ balances has been resolved. When using the blacksmith, players experienced their balances resetting to zero. The blacksmith now only takes the correct amount to fix a piece of gear; $25,000.

- Island Generation: When creating a new island, players were sometimes granted islands from past releases. This included Season 1, Beta, and Alpha. This has been resolved completely.

- Runes: Resolved issues with all runes and Vitality specifically. Runes would not apply when teleporting to different worlds. In addition, Vitality would drop players to five hearts maximum when they teleported. Both issues have been fixed.

- Harvester Hoes: An issue with both harvester hoe sell rates and collection rates has been fixed. The correct multipliers now apply, selling and collecting the right amounts according to the hoe’s level.

- Crate Keys: Resolved an issue regarding the ability to place crate keys. Breaking said placed keys would not give crate keys back. Placing crate keys is no longer possible.

New Content

Unfortunately we have no new content to announce for this week. Given the release, we were hyper-focused on fixing the numerous bugs. That said, if you’ve given our public feature roadmap a look, you’ll see that we have tons of content planned. So, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for that!

That’s all for this week’s Patch Notes! We’ll update you all next week with even more bug fixes and brand new content to come! Stay safe, stay happy, and keep on having fun on Skyblock Aurora!

- Gaelen Moore

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