Patch Notes 2.01 | Skyblock Aurora

Patch Notes 2.01 | Skyblock Aurora

Runes, Dupes, and... A Casino?

Date: March 27th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore

The Run-Down

Hello hello! The week after Season 2 releases and we are back in the swing of things! Happy to have you all here. Without further delays, though, let’s get into this week’s bug fixes.

This week has gone much more smoothly than last week. As such, we have significantly less bugs to talk about. Instead, we’ve been focusing heavily on new content that was teased in the Season 2 Public Roadmap. First up we have issues with four distinct runes; Stone Forge, Vend, Angler, and Hemorrhage. Additionally, players were experiencing issues applying runes to shovels and harvester hoes. Lastly regarding runes, /rune recycle was not functioning as intended on islands. Parties were disappearing randomly, so we’ve resolved that. On a similar note, we’ve disallowed the joining of The Void in parties. In addition, escape portals in The Void are reluctant to random explosions now. Mobs will now drop the appropriate amount of drops in the spawn grinder. Three separate dupe glitches were also fixed this week. One regarding grinding fiber with non-sugarcane blocks, one with the auction house, and another yet with saddles and pigs. Additionally, we’ve made /w an alias, meaning they allow users to run the same command, as /msg and added a warning if players on SpaceDelta cannot break spawners. Additionally regarding spawners, we’ve resolved an issue allowing stacked spawner breakage to bypass island permissions and an issue that allowed players to steal renamed papers out of upgrade GUIs. That about wraps up this week’s Patch Notes! If you’re interested in reading more about all the bugs listed above, go on and give the section below a read!

Bug Fixes

- Specific Runes: Issues with Vend, Angler, Hemorrhage, and Stone Forge were all present this week. Each rune was not working as intended, with Vend and Angler giving increased rewards, Hemorrhage forcing players to take damage in safe zones, and Stone Forge not repairing multiple pieces of gear. All of these issues have been resolved.

- Build Sync: With our new multi-server system, we’ve had some issues with synchronization. This was applicable to rune builds. Joining a new server (Going from an island to spawn, for example) would result in de-synchronization of your build. This has been resolved.

- Rune Application: Users were having issues applying runes specifically labeled as being able to be applied to shovels. In addition, players were able to attach runes to harvester hoes, which would disappear upon the hoe swapping modes between “collect” and “sell”. Both issues have been fixed, with runes being disallowed on harvester hoes.

- Recycling:Recycling runes on one’s island was previously not allowed by the system. This has been resolved and you can now run the command from anywhere, so long as you’re not in combat and tagged.

- Parties: Two issues with parties presented themselves this week. First, parties were disappearing. This was another issue regarding synchronization. Additionally, users were able to join The Void with parties, an unintended feature. Both of these issues have been fixed.

- The Void: In addition to being able to join The Void with parties, users were finding themselves stuck after escape portals would explode right before they jumped in. This has been resolved, and these unintentional bombs have been defused.

- Spawn Grinders: The mob grinders at spawn, a system commonly used by new players, was experiencing issues with mob drops. When the mob stack size reached a certain amount, a large portion of the stack would die but only drop enough loot for one of said mobs. This has been fixed, with the stacked mobs now dropping the appropriate amount of loot.

- Dupe Glitches: Several dupe glitches were discovered and resolved throughout the week. Included in these was the coveted saddle glitch with pigs, an auction house glitch regarding expired items, and another with fiber. The latter of these is the most complex, dealing with two players, one placing and one breaking, non-sugarcane crop blocks. These have all been fixed and are no longer present.

- Spawners:Lastly, spawners had an odd glitch this week, with the island permissions allowing players to break stacks of spawners. These were players that were not co-op’d at all and had no permissions, and was a simple glitch regarding the stacks of spawners.

New Content

The backend Development and Management teams have been working around the clock to bring you some brand new and fantastic content! That’s right - The Casino that was teased a while back will be coming to SpaceDelta very shortly! Keep your eyes peeled on our Discord and YouTube channels, as both an announcement and a cinematic trailer will be accompanying it’s release! We look forward to seeing you win big in popular game modes like Roulette, Crash, and HiLo all brought into Skyblock Aurora.

That’s all for this week! Thanks for taking the time to read. As always, stay safe, stay healthy, and keep on enjoying Skyblock Aurora!

- Gaelen Moore

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