Skull Island Shenanigans

Skull Island Shenanigans

Rune fixes, a teleportation exploit, and an island full of skulls!

Date: April 9th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore


Hello again everybody! Welcome to the second installment of our Content Posts. We’ve had a fantastic week here at Skyblock Aurora. In case you missed last week’s post, we’ve swapped from two articles a week to a single one. This means that our posts from here on out will be slightly longer. That said, let’s jump right into this week’s changes and announcements!

The Run-Down

This week has been a bit slower in terms of bug fixes, but we have a huge content announcement we’ll get into later! For the time being, let’s hear about the fixes made. First, we’ll talk about runes. Changes were made to three runes this week; Cleave, Fracture, and Shatter. These runes all essentially do the same thing (Deal  extra armor durability for each hit). However, we noticed that when used in combination, these runes were incredibly overpowered. In respect to this discovery, we’ve knocked Cleave’s effectiveness down and made it so players cannot use these runes together. Additionally, we’ve resolved Swift giving permanent speed. Lastly regarding runes, we’ve fixed the drone’s head from the rune Summon Drone. Regarding the Casino, a major feature released last week, we’ve had some bugs come up which were fixed this week. Specifically, an error that made the Crash gamemode go too fast for players to cash out was fixed. Additionally, crates keys that are given while players are in the casino will now auto-redeem. Second-to-last this week, re resolved a bug allowing players to forcibly teleport themselves to others using /tpahere alongside inconsistencies in the command(s) /tpa and /r. Last but not least, we’ve made players who enter escape portals in the Void temporarily invulnerable to avoid death mid-teleportation and we’ve added a warning before the portals explode to (hopefully) avoid accidental death.

Much like last week, the bug fixes are merely metaphorically on the back burner for this week. What we’ve really come to tell you about is this week’s insane new addition to Skyblock Aurora; Skull Island! Let me tell you a bit about Skull Island. The map features three, massive skulls; Ancients of a far-away race of creatures. Players will battle it out on an event that occurs once per month here for insane rewards! Ten zones, KOTH-style point system, PvP-enabled, and infinite lives. Winner takes all! We’ll be announcing the events in our Discord and in-game, so keep an eye out for those announcements and see if you have what it takes to conquer Skull Island. That’s all for this week, though! If you’re interested in some further details regarding the event or the bugs, read the sections below! If not, have a fantastic day!

A Deeper Dive

Runes: The biggest rune changes this week are regarding Cleave, Fracture, and Shatter. These runes all deal additional damage to the enemy’s armor. It was brought to our attention that when all three are used together, even Unbreaking IV armor stands no chance. As such, we’ve nerfed Cleave from 10% additional damage per hit to 6.5%. Additionally, we’ve disallowed the use of Cleave and Fracture at the same time and made Shatter negate both runes. Also, we’ve resolved an issue with Swift III giving players permanent speed, even whilst in combat. Lastly, an issue with the drone summoned by Summon Drone having an Alex head.

Casino: Two distinct issues with the Casino were fixed this week. The first of these issues was Crash crashing too fast, forcing players to lose money when they shouldn’t have. Additionally, we’ve made it so that crate keys received when Players are in the Casino are automatically redeemed due to the inventory manipulation that takes place in the Casino itself. Additionally, some commands that didn’t work in the Casino have been enabled, including /playtime and /scratch.

Command Inconsistency: Inconsistencies with several commands were resolved this week, primarily including /r and /tpa. Previously, these commands would occasionally perform incorrectly, especially /r. Additionally, an issue with /tpahere was found and resolved. This allowed for Players to /tpa to players and then run the command /tpahere to forcibly teleport themselves to their target player. This has been fixed, and the commands no longer operate in this manner.

Escape Portals: We’ve had issues with escape portals spontaneously killing players participating in The Void before. While we did fix portals exploding randomly, this is still a feature of the escape portals. As such, we’ve added a warning visible to players when the portal is about to explode. Lastly, we’ve resolved issues regarding mid-teleportation death, where Players would jump through the portal and die before escaping The Void, be it by explosion or by Void mobs. This has been resolved by giving players inside escape portals temporary immortality. We hope you find your escape enjoyable from now on!

Content Announcement(s)

Skull Island: This is a massive, once-per-month event that takes place on an ancient tropical island. Scattered around the island amongst impressive builds are three large skulls; skulls that belong to a race of ancient beings that fled their home world to create the island millions of years ago! Players will be teleported to this island to compete, standing in one of ten different shifting zones to gather points. Players with the most events at the end will be given amazing prices, including real money! First, second, and third place will receive $100, $50, and $25 USD respectively! This event is PvP-enabled with respawns - May the best player win! We’ll announce when we’re hosting this event in both the Discord and in-game! Keep your eyes peeled, player!

With that, we’re all done for this week! We hope you enjoyed reading, but most importantly that you’ve had another fantastic week at SpaceDelta! Stay safe, stay healthy, and wait in anticipation for this fantastic new event! We’ll see you there.

- Gaelen Moore

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