Skyblock Aurora Beta Update 2

Skyblock Aurora Beta Update 2

Lots of bug fixes!

Date: September 26th, 2020

Author: Lotus

Welcome to the second beta update for Skyblock Aurora!

During the ongoing public beta, we got hundreds of suggestions and bug reports from you guys. Since then, our admin team has been working tirelessly to look through your feedback and implement your great ideas. The rest of this update will detail what we've changed since August 28th.

All Bug/Suggestion Fixes:

  • Fixed Adrenaline Rune
  • Fixed Sempre Pui Rune
  • Removed McMMO Parties
  • Fixed Optimism Rune
  • Fixed Corruption Rune
  • Fixed Toxic Rune
  • Fixed Prosthetics Rune
  • Added /pv as a shortcut of /playervault
  • Fixed Multishot Rune
  • Fixed Stardust Shop Lag
  • Fixed Rune Merchant typo
  • Fixed Coldstrike Rune
  • Fixed Decapitation Rune
  • Fixe Blunted Rune
  • Fixed Cadet EXP Shipment
  • Fixed Spam Kit Claiming Lag
  • Removed Visitors Ability to Upgrade Spawners on Islands
  • Fixed Spelling Error on Angler IV Rune
  • Fixed Dolce 1 Rune
  • Fixed Cyberboots Rune
  • Fixed Aquadynamics Rune
  • Fixed Unearth Rune
  • Fixed Stubborn Rune Description
  • Fixed Spelling Error in Welcome Hologram
  • Fixed Target Rune
  • Added Cooldown to /is disband
  • Fixed Swift Rune
  • Fixed Hybrid Rune
  • Fixed Cleanse Rune
  • Fixed Currency Placeholder
  • Removed Cost from /fix and /fix all
  • Fixed /rune build
  • Fixed Downgrading Rune Levels
  • Fixed Invention Duct Tape Rune
  • Fixed Devilish Journey Rune
  • Fixed Mark Rune
  • Fixed Harvester Hoe
  • Removed Sugarcane from /pvp
  • Fixed Tab List Showing Offline Players
  • Fixed Rune Level Incompatibilities
  • Fixed Party Member Friendly Fire
  • Fixed Charisma Rune
  • Fixed Hemomancy Rune
  • Fixed Being Able to Take Lotto Items
  • Fixed Ranks not having correct /is warps amount
  • Fixed Recoil Rune
  • Fixed Playtime not showing correctly in chat
  • Fixed Tab breaking upon Reboot
  • Fixed Angler Rune
  • Removed Hopper Minecart Crafting
  • Fixed Vouchers Giving Wrong Tag Permission
  • Fixed Money Tier 4 Shipments in Nova Crates
  • Added /delhome to players
  • Added Hopper Upgrades
  • Fixed Hopper Upgrades being removed when picking up hoppers

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