Skyblock Aurora Beta Update 3

Skyblock Aurora Beta Update 3

Final update of the public beta...

Date: November 16th, 2020

Author: Lotus

Welcome to the last beta update for Skyblock Aurora | Season 1!

Over the course of the last few months, we have been preparing and working endlessly to bring lots of new content to the final beta update of Skyblock Aurora Season 1.


The Void

"Enter the void and be greeted to a scourge of mobs and bosses. Defeat them to reduce your corruption."

- Maximum of 20 people for the void event – every 5 hours.

- The following crates will be randomly generated around the map: Basic, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic

Collect these crates to earn amazing rewards!

- Earn powerful items with corruption enchants on them. Use these items to defeat your foe, but be aware, you will suffer too.

Gladiator Arena

"Enter the arena and compete against your enemies! Use the portal at spawn to join the event – or use /gladiator join."

- Maximum of 100 people for the gladiator event.

- The last man standing has a chance to earn incredible rewards.

Cinematic Tutorial

"Need extra help? You can use the NPC located at spawn to interact with an extensive tutorial designed to help those who need that extra push."


- Updated help menu – added descriptions & additional improvements.

- Fixed the reported issues with dungeons – holes, and random items.

- Being able to pick up arrows in spawn

- Being able to repair items without there being one in-hand, and still taking money away.

- Fixed issue with some SpacePods giving default blocks – stone, instead of the intended rewards.

- Expelling from island has now been fixed.

- Fixed issue with their ban duration and improved the messages.

- Improved language file for the island plugin – fixing capitalization errors.

- Fixed the vote link when executing the command /vote

- Spawn has repositioned to the correct coordinates.

- Fixed region flags

- Fixed issue with the void that once a user died, they would respawn in the void.

- Fixed issue with the void that would not update a player’s corruption nametag from 0%.

- Fixed issue with the void that if a mob was hit into the void, their death was not accounted for.

- Fixed issue with mobs in the void randomly disappearing.

- Fixed issue with the void placeholders not being recognised.

- Fixed the issues with mobs in the void not appearing.

- Fixed the issue with mobs reducing the incorrect amount of corruption than its intent.

- Fixed the issue with not being able to leave the queue in the void.

- Fixed the issue with the escape portals in the void not working.

- Fixed money tier 3 shipment being recognised as stardust tier 2.

- Removed examples at spawned – relocated to cinematic tutorial.

- Replaced with another mob spawn farm.


- Added permanent speed at spawn – (/permspeed toggle) to toggle on/off

- Added portals to spawn:

-  Gladiator Arena Portal

-  Dungeon Portal

-  Warps Portal

-  Black-Market Portal

-  The Void Portal

- Added a waiting room for the void

- Added tutorial NPC at spawn

- Added confirmation menus to reassure the player’s decision

- Added tips for in-game events

As we prepare to fully release Skyblock Aurora in the month of December, we have released this content to make sure that everything is functional.

If you do encounter any bugs, or have any suggestions for future updates – enter the details at the link below:

Bug Report Form

Kind Regards,

SpaceDelta Management Team

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