Skyblock Aurora Season 1

Skyblock Aurora Season 1

Skyblock Aurora is releasing on the 12th December.

Date: November 30th, 2020

Author: Vanished

Greetings everyone, the full release of Skyblock Aurora is coming!

With our latest beta update finished, we are now ready and prepared to release Skyblock Aurora to the public! We are excited to show everyone what we have been working on, and what you should be expecting within the future.

Skyblock Aurora | Major Features

Enchantment Runes

Skyblock Aurora will introduce a never seen before enchantment system that revolutionizes the way each player plays, strategizes, and battles. Players will have to decide what combinations of runes they want on their gear. Runes are sold by the rune merchant and can be recycled using the recycle bot!


We will be introducing an amazing feature to our server: dungeons! Find a key and unlock the gateway to a dungeon. There you will face many obstacles: parkour, mobs and bosses! Completing dungeons will earn you Lux, which you can spend on lots of amazing rewards!

The Void

Entering the void is a dangerous decision. The Void is filled with treasures sought out by some of the greatest warriors, coming out alive has never been heard of. Do you dare to seek out that challenge?

Skyblock Aurora | Features

King of The Hill

Become the king of the hill by capturing and defending the KoTH arenas! Earn rewards by holding your position at #1. Visit the player-vs-player warp to seek out the KoTH arena!

Black Market

The black market offers many executive tools and items. These treasures were found from the rarest of islands, and have been kept in a secret vault ever since. You can pay a high price to be the owner of some of the most powerful tools that we have to offer.

Upgradeable Spawners

You can use animal souls to conjure and upgrade your spawners. You can upgrade almost anything: drop rate, loot rate, compression rate and much more! Try it out yourself.

Space Market

Buy and sell items at the local Space Market, where resources have no limit. Earn money by selling the loot you gain, and become one of the biggest islands on the server!

Crate System

Have you found a crate key? Use it at the crates location (/warp crates) to have the chance of earning some amazing rewards!

We appreciate those who joined us for our 3 month public beta of Skyblock Aurora! Lots of bugs were squashed, and we are now ready to release the final product of Skyblock Aurora.

We are excited to release Season 1 of Skyblock Aurora on December 12th, and we hope that everyone will be there to join us on this adventure!

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Follow our twitter where we will be hosting many giveaways on the lead-up to Christmas: @SpaceDeltaO

Kind regards,

SpaceDelta Management Team.

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