Skyblock Aurora Season 2 Roadmap!

Skyblock Aurora Season 2 Roadmap!

Everything planned for Season 2!

Date: March 13th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore

Skyblock Aurora - Season 2 Roadmap!

As the server’s doors open and you are once again allowed to join, we’d like to share some things with you. While our previous post was regarding features that you’ll be seeing on the opening of Season 2, this post comes from a different place! As part of the initiative to become more transparent with our playerbase, we’re going to be making a roadmap of our features public - That’s right, this post is about things to come. More specifically, this post includes details regarding numerous features we plan on implementing during Season 2’s duration. Let’s get right into it without further adieu!

General Content


Obelisk will allow users to craft items used to spawn bosses like Titan, a tank-like iron golem who uses minions and his brute strength to overwhelm players.


Gladiators is a server-wide event that has duels take place in a tournament-style bracket, with a single eventual winner being given crate keys.

Dueling System

The brand new dueling system will take the 1-on-1 style of battle present in Gladiators to a new level. In duels, users will be able to observe and bet on these matches as they happen!


Artifacts take runes to an entirely new level. They are immensely strong and incredibly rare forms of runes that can be acquired in numerous ways.

Star Weapons

To compliment these new runes, we have Star Weapons. These weapons are also immensely powerful, boasting 100% Corruption, a system that allows weapons to deal more damage to both health and durability, and an increase from the six rune slots that normal weapons boast.


Ascension is a system that will allow users to upgrade their armor, tools, and weapons. Upgrades are respective to what is being upgraded. For example, upgrading a pickaxe gives increased mining speed.

Rune Graphics

Rune Graphics will be exactly as they sound. These images will be available to see on your hotbar and in your hand, and will vary depending on the rarity and specific rune. Each rune will have different artwork to reflect the effects of the rune itself!

Discord Bot

Last but not least, we’ve got big plans for a brand new Discord bot! Some features we’re going to be adding include many features to better link in-game features such as leaderboard to the Discord. Additionally, the new bot will better organize items such as staff applications and many other backend features. That’s not to mention that you’ll now be able to chat in-game right from Discord!


We will be implementing cosmetics throughout Season 2. This was experimented with during the New Years event, and will be expanded upon now. Included in this is brand new pets, trails, and wings, all of which will have many variations!

These brand new features aim to bring massive versatility to the methods of PvP that were present in Season 1! That means you’ll have to find some new metas, cause things are changing! Additionally, our cosmetics and rune graphics will make the server stand out more amongst others, creating yet another unique aspect of SpaceDelta! The brand new Discord bot should allow for increased organization and a streamlining of many backend and frontend actions.


The Casino

The Casino is a massive, intricate build created to fulfill all of your gambling needs. Available games include HiLo, Crash, Roulette, and more! The build is completed with bits of scattered lore and fantastic views. This feature has been planned for quite some time, and will be coming to fruition during Season 2.


That said, an additional feature that we have not yet teased is slots! This system of gambling will be a donator-exclusive and will cost in-game money to purchase. Users will have the opportunity to win big on these slots - Test your luck! Win big or lose it all.

If you’re a frequent reader of our Dev Notes, you will have already known about the Casino. There are more games than what we mentioned, so don’t think we’ve told you everything! Boasting special VIP rooms and bits of lore, the casino should remain a place of fun for a long time to come. That said, slots are a newer system, with far less outlining. We look forward to seeing some big jackpot winners!

Events & Missions

Skull Island

Skull Island is an event that will take place once per month on a random day. An in-game and Discord announcement will be made to warn players of when this event will be. Players who choose to participate must bring their own gear to a large island. This island will have ten individual sectors on it that change position and size over time. Remaining in these zones will allow players to accrue points. The player with the most points at the end wins some amazing prizes, including real-life money! This event will be PvP-Enabled, though so make sure you bring your best gear!

Slay the Staff

Slay the Staff is quite self-explanatory. Various staff  members who have been armed to the teeth will fight players to the death, dropping their heads upon dying.

The Quest for The Red Egg

The Quest for The Red Egg, however, is a bit more complex. We’re not quite ready to share all the details about this event yet, but expect some more development in a future edition of the Dev Notes!

We’ve created all of these events in the hope of boosting player engagement. Skull Island is most likely going to be the first event we introduce, with the others arriving to Skyblock Aurora some time afterwards. All of these events add a lot of versatility to the daily duties of the server! We wait in excitement for all the winners to come!

Rewards & Achievements

Achievement System

This system will consist of upwards of a few hundred various achievements to complete. These achievements will be wiped on a season-to-season basis, but 100% completion will be rewarded in a manner that transcends the seasons.

Trophy System

Trophies are more difficult achievements that reward players with physical items. Placing these items on one’s island will increase island value!

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass will act similarly to how it does in other games, with both a free and paid version. The free version will still give rewards, but the paid version will give significantly better ones. The rewards will range from money to crate keys and even further beyond that towards the higher tiers!


Boosters will be available on the store and will come in a variety of versions, allowing players to boost the entire server with a single purchase! An example of a booster would be giving double EXP for a limited amount of time. As previously stated, these boosts will be server-wide and not limited to a specific area.

Achievements, trophies, a battle pass!? All this new content - We hope you’re excited. Are you up for the challenge to obtain 100% completion on Skyblock Aurora? We hope you said yes, because you won’t want to miss out on all the awesome rewards these various systems offer. Oh, and while you’re at it, why not buy a booster or two for the server?

Open Worlds

Quests & New Worlds

To further expand on the lore and RPG side of SpaceDelta, we’re implementing various different questlines. These questlines will take place on three distinct planets: Hillensis, Oggle, and Yano. There will be both free and paid versions of the quests on each planet, almost acting as a DLC or an expansion pack to what you now consider Skyblock Aurora.

New PvP Arena

In addition to these quests, a new PvP arena will soon be on display for all to enjoy! This arena is a mere portion of a world called Nufeal, a sand-laden planet shrouded in mystery and misfortune.

Both the quests and the brand new PvP world bring a variety of new aspects to SpaceDelta. Various new materials, awesome new landscapes, and so much more! Jump in your spaceship and travel the universe itself.

Closing Regards

With all of this brand new content to be expected during Skyblock Aurora Season 2, we’re more excited than ever for you to play! When released, all of these features will have announcements and Dev / Patch Notes accompanying them to make sure nothing is missed out on! In the meantime, hop on to Skyblock Aurora! We’d love to see you enjoying all of our brand new features mentioned in last week’s post and waiting in anticipation for the ones mentioned here. As previously mentioned, you’ll be able to join on versions 1.15 and above at! Stay safe, stay happy, and have fun playing SpaceDelta!

- Gaelen Moore.

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