Skyblock Aurora Season 2!

Skyblock Aurora Season 2!

Skyblock Aurora Season 2!

Date: March 6th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore

Skyblock Aurora - Season 2!

Moving into this brand new week, we bring some exciting news! If you haven’t heard already, SpaceDelta is proud to announce that we’re bringing Skyblock Aurora Season 2! The server will be down for a week to give us some time to prepare starting Today (March 6th)! That said, we wanted to take this opportunity to talk to you about some of the fantastic stuff we’ve got planned! Below you’ll find an outline of some of the major features being released in Season 2! Beware, though, we won’t tell you everything. To find all the details, you’ll need to join us on March 13th. Find those details down below as well!

- UI Redesign: As our first major change to Season 2, we’ve chosen to redesign much of our UI, including but not limited to almost all of our GUIs. These brand new designs aim to bring a clean, fresh appearance to the server! You can see some of these newly created GUIs in nearly every nook and cranny on the server. Just go searching! Type some commands and speak to some NPCs - You might like what you find.

- Spawner Upgrades: Another major change to Season 2 comes with our spawner upgrades. We’ve altered most of the upgrades, only keeping our ‘mobless’ upgrade. New upgrades include upgrades to luck, stack size, and looting! These upgrades are still available to be purchased by right clicking on the spawner and buying them with souls! Give them a try for yourself!

- New Islands: Skyblock Aurora Season 2 boasts three brand new, impressive island builds! Gone with the old, bland islands and in with the new, innovative ones! The island sizes are still roughly the same between small, medium, and large, but each of the tiers has a fresh build topping them off.

- Events: As part of Season 2, we’ll be hosting many more server-wide events throughout the entire season. These events will range from the typical boss fights and space pods to events such as the upcoming Skull Island. Skull Island is an event that occurs on a randomly-selected date each month. There will be both a Discord and in-game announcement when the event happens. This event will take place on an island where players bring their own gear and must compete to stay in ten zones that shrink in size slightly over time. Staying in these zones will grant players points. The top couple of players with the most points at the end will win some amazing prizes!

- Casino: As teased a month or so back, the Casino is on its way for Season 2! That’s right, all your gambling needs will be met in this impressively-sized House of Games. Play games like Roulette, Crash, HiLo, and more! Gamble away your island’s value or win big! Either way, we know you’ll have an awesome time playing these new games!

- Economy: As you may know if you played during Season 1, we had some struggles with our economy during the latter half of the season. That said, we’ve taken strides during Season 2’s development to assure that this doesn’t occur again. Changes to the way that the server’s economy functions and different metas will be present during this season. Players like yourself will now have to find new ways of climbing to the top of this challenging new system!

- New Spawn: As you’ll notice when you first spawn in Skyblock Aurora, we’ve gained a beautiful new spawn! This spawn, like most things we do, is big.Not only is it big, but it is absolutely full of impressive builds! When you first spawn in, you’ll notice four distinctly-themed quadrants. These quadrants lead me to my next topic, actually!

- Lore: An idea that was also teased multiple times in Dev and Patch Notes; the existence of lore is finally acknowledged! Behind the scenes, a story has been unfolding; a story of intergalactic travel, conquest, war, and companionship! We’re not quite ready to share the full thing with you, but the new spawn is a first taste - A sample, if you will. The spawn, nicknamed ‘VITA’, is a space station built by the Macros; a race of hyper-intelligent AI desiring control over the Universe. The quadrants serve as safe havens for the other four races, allowing VITA to be a true place of peace… Or so we thought.

When & Where?

With all of this fantastic new content coming out, you may be wondering: “How do I play?” Let me tell you! Skyblock Aurora Season 2 will be launching March 13th at 3PM EST / 8PM GMT / 12 PM PST. You can join us in the fun at on versions 1.15 and above! Hop into Skyblock Aurora and become a part of this fantastic community! We’ll see you there.

- Gaelen Moore.

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