Skyblock Aurora Beta Update 1

Skyblock Aurora Beta Update 1

Lots of changes were made. Read about them here!

Date: August 27th, 2020

Author: Lotus

Welcome to the first beta update for Skyblock Aurora!

During the ongoing public beta, we got hundreds of suggestions and bug reports from you guys. Since then, our admin team has been working tirelessly to look through your feedback and implement your great ideas. The rest of this update will detail what we've changed since July 23rd.

All New Features:

  • New Spawn
  • New Coinflip Feature
  • Reworked Jackpot
  • Warp PVP Spawn
  • Bosses
  • Reworked Custom Spawners
  • Reworked Economy
  • Harvester Hoes
  • Black Market
  • Several QOL Changes for New Players

All Bug/Suggestion Fixes:

  • Fixed spawner value duping.
  • Fixed false anti-cheat flags for flight.
  • Fixed water not being able to be placed near spawners.
  • Fixed spawners not spawning mobs.
  • Fixed MOTD stating "Skyblock Coming Soon…".
  • Fixed grammatical error with stardust.
  • Fixed the issue with villagers not being able to trade.
  • Fixed there not being a link for staff applications.
  • Fixed sell hoppers not working whilst offline.
  • Fixed hoppers randomly disappearing upon mining.
  • Fixed spawners not respawning mobs until the death of original stack.
  • Fixed not being given cave spider spawners from mystery spawners.
  • Fixed the spamming of chat when a wraith spawner was spawned in.
  • Optimized the lag created by bosses.
  • Optimized bosses to limit the delay upon which items can be picked up.
  • Fixed mobs spawning in blocks above or near the spawner.
  • Fixed fishing not being allowed on islands.
  • Fixed an error being given out by silk mining a spawner.
  • Fixed a difference between the selling of items with a sell wand and shop prices.
  • Fixed multi-tool not turning into shovel when mining grass.
  • Fixed [item] not working for ranked players with the permission.
  • Fixed spawners giving a boss bar when scrolling over them.
  • Fixed higher prices spawners coming ahead of lower priced spawners.
  • Fixed spawners not working at warp grinder.
  • Fixed old spawners becoming pig spawners due to a database change.
  • Fixed island top not showing correct amount of spawners.
  • Fixed PvP being enabled in the Warzone spawnpoint.
  • Fixed island top value not showing, and instead levels being shown.
  • Fixed leaves being able to be spam broken and being able to upgrade spawners in warp grinder.
  • Fixed hoppers breaking on islands during a reload of ShopGUIPlus.
  • Fixed a mismatching of colors in the Gambling Bar.
  • Fixed the stacking problem with cave spider spawners.
  • Fixed SpacePods lasting for 5 minutes.
  • Fixed Lord Henning not having the proper name when messages were issued in chat.
  • Fixed spawners not updating holograms.
  • Fixed ranks not having access to playervaults.
  • Started reworking missions to make them not abuseable.
  • Fixed Tier 3 & 4 Exp Shipments giving the same amount of EXP.
  • Fixed Mobless Blaze Spawners not giving out Blaze Rods.
  • Corrected a grammatical error when running /(mobsoul) bal.
  • Fixed spawners not having correct stack size when mined.
  • Fixed souls’ menu not displaying correct mob soul.
  • Fixed our webstore from not being accessible to certain players.
  • Fixed PlayerVaults not being accessible due to a plugin change.
  • Fixed players not having access to harvester hoe upgrades.
  • Fixed souls menu displaying two squid souls.
  • Fixed Spawner Stacks not showing up on island top.
  • Fixed Harvester Hoes not being able to be upgraded.
  • Fixed SpacePod announcements showing twice.
  • Fixed Harvester Hoes spamming messages in chat whilst upgrading them.
  • Fixed mob stacks being instantly killed without having it enabled in the config.
  • Fixed ranks flickering in McMMO scoreboard.
  • Fixed NameTags flickering ranks for different players.
  • Fixed players being able to see when vanished staff members left the server.
  • Fixed holograms remaining upon the mining of a spawner.
  • Fixed baltop menu displaying the wrong head within the menu.
  • Fixed celestial rank not having access to fix and fix all.
  • Fixed the ability to apply godmode in PVP and becoming invincible.
  • Fixed players being teleported to old spawn when kicked from islands.
  • Fixed spawner holograms breaking after a certain amount of spawners being placed.
  • Fixed currency placeholders being shown instead of the actual currency.

A huge thank you to those playing SpaceDelta and being patient while we fix bugs! As always, we are hugely receptive to suggestions and feedback, so please don't hesitate to let us know what you want to see on our network.

Thank you, Lotus.

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