Season 3 Skyblock Guide

Season 3 Skyblock Guide

Everything you need to know for Season 3 of Skyblock Aurora.

Date: October 31st, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore


Why hello there! Fancy seeing you here! I can only assume that you’ve come here to learn all about SpaceDelta’s Skyblock Aurora. Well, as you may have guessed from the title, you’re definitely in the right place! Let me tell you all about what the team behind SpaceDelta has created!

Skyblock Aurora is an incredibly unique Skyblock server with entirely custom features and an absolute ton of content to be explored. We aim to mix the conventional feel of Skyblock with a more RPG-esque gamemode by adding things like boss fights and lore to the game as well as plenty of other features; some of which are in the making as we speak! We boast hundreds of hours of available content and are adding more creative ideas constantly, expanding beyond any Skyblock server you’ve seen before! This guide will allow you to get a brief overview of everything SpaceDelta has to offer. If you’re looking for a more in-depth discussion on a specific topic, we recommend you check out our guides. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Regular Skyblock Features

» Starting an Island

Starting an island is one of if not THE first action you’ll take on Skyblock Aurora. You can do this by typing /is create, where you’ll be able to read small descriptions of each island as well as preview them without making any commitment. As you’ll read in the GUI itself, we recommend you create the large island. This allows for a smooth start with a little boost as well as room for plenty of friends! If you do want a challenge, though, you are certainly able to select the mid-sized island or the small one! Below, you can see our middle tier island!

» The AuctionHouse (AH)

The AuctionHouse, or AH, is a place where players can list items they want to sell or buy items that other players have listed to sell. If you’ve played multiplayer servers before, this most likely isn’t a foreign concept. The AH is an integral part of server-wide trading between players and comes in very handy for both making money and acquiring goods you may not be able to otherwise. To sell your own items, hold what you wish to sell in your hand and type /ah sell <price>. This command will create a listing that allows all other players to see it in the AH and purchase it if they wish.. If you navigate down to the bottom of the AH GUI, you’ll see multiple options including specific sections for your listings as well as a category to collect your expired / unsold items.

» Crates

Crates are another aspect of Skyblock Aurora that is prominent on lots of other servers. You can view crate rewards by going to /warp crates and previewing rewards. To open crates, you’ll need keys which can be acquired by completing chat games, participating in events, or buying them in the store. There are three main tiers of crates; Comet, Lunar, and Nova. Nova crates are the highest tier and, as a result, their keys are the hardest to obtain. In addition to these three crates, we occasionally launch seasonal or limited crates. There are also artifact crates, but we’ll get into those later! You can obtain some epic rewards from crates including spawners, money / xp, kits, and even more! (I don't know why the image is so big)

» The SpaceMart (Shop)

The SpaceMart is SpaceDelta’s currency shop. It’s sort of a one-stop-shop for all of your Skyblock essentials. Here, you can purchase spawners, building blocks, food, and more! You can also sell select items back to the vendor, primarily valuable items like ores. You can access the shop in one of two ways. First, you can travel to the vendor stall on the outer ring of spawn or by using /warp shop. Second, you can type /shop and access the GUI from anywhere. Both of these access points will bring up the GUI you see below where you’ll be able to shop to your heart’s content!

» Voting

SpaceDelta has various voting links for Skyblock Aurora. Each link is available to be used once per day and can be accessed by typing /vote in chat, which will bring up a link. Following this link will lead you to SpaceDelta’s voting web page where all of our voting links will be available. Voting on these sites will boost SpaceDelta’s position and make us available to be seen more readily by potential players! With each vote, you’ll be rewarded with a crate key as well as a vote coin! Vote coins can be redeemed by using /voteshop where you can buy items such as temporary island fly, crate keys, and spacepod flares.

SpaceDelta Exclusive Content

» Assistants

Assistants are a completely unique feature meant to guide new players through the first steps of Skyblock Aurora. The assistant floats around your right side, travelling alongside you and providing helpful tips! You’ll be able to see the assistant dialogue right above your hotbar. By default, you’ll be assigned Micro-Bot, a visor-wearing robot who only wants to help! However, you can unlock various other assistants, each with their own unique personality. To see what you need to do to unlock these alternate assistants as well as toggle on various settings, you can either right click on your assistant OR type /assistants. This will allow you to control visibility settings, replay different tips, and change your current assistant!

» Battlepass

The battlepass is a great opportunity for players to earn fantastic rewards! There is both a basic and premium version of the battlepass, with the premium version able to be bought with Gems. We’ll talk more about what Gems are and how to buy them later in the guide! Within the battlepass there are tons of rewards including basic things like crate keys and money shipments. However, there’s much more than that! By levelling up your battlepass you can unlock some awesome cosmetics like custom kill messages, pastes, and death effects! You can earn battlepass XP through a ton of various methods such as finding hidden custom items, defeating bosses, winning events, logging on daily, or even periodically by just playing the server! Access the battlepass by typing /battlepass and check out all the various rewards you can get!

» Specialized Warzone (PvP)

Skyblock Aurora’s warzone is a truly unique place to be! You can access the warzone by typing /warp pvp. Once you’re here, there are plenty of fun activities to do besides just typical PvP! First, there are SpacePods. Within this event, fifteen crates will drop from the sky containing a multitude of rewards such as spawners or value blocks. SpacePods occur once every hour. Second, there’s KOTH, or King Of The Hill that occurs every six hours.. In this event, you’ll have to contend with other players who try to capture a specific zone. Coordinates to this zone will be displayed when the event begins and winning will reward you with three Nova crate keys! In addition to these events, there are mobs placed all around the warzone that scale in difficulty the further you go from the drop zone. Killing these mobs will reward you with loot and battlepass XP!

» Duels (PvP)

Duels are yet another custom feature of SpaceDelta. In total, we have five custom arenas that are themed to fit into the lore of our server. Each arena reflects one of the five current races! You can duel someone by typing /duel <name>. This command will bring up a GUI where you can select which arena and kit you wish to challenge said person with. You can also choose random, which will choose a kit and arena for you! Check out our Phantom arena below!

» Custom Resource Pack & Items

When you first join SpaceDelta, you’ll automatically be sent our custom resource pack. This will enable you to see all sorts of custom art on the server including our hub GUIs, custom items, and Obelisk bosses which we’ll talk about later. We highly recommend playing with the resource pack downloaded and enabled - You want to see all the cool things we offer, right? Of course you do! Speaking of cool things, there are custom items scattered all over the server. Some of these items are hidden in various places and others can be bought or acquired by killing mobs or bosses. These items are currently only used for summoning bosses, but will be used for more things in the near future. Although we can’t show you precisely where these items are as it would ruin the fun, you can see one of our custom items below!

» The Obelisk

The Obelisk, as we talked about above, is an arena in which players can fight powerful bosses. A colosseum-like structure floats in space while the Obelisk, a structure older than time itself, floats in the center. At the Obelisk, you can summon various bosses using custom items. Each of these bosses are incredibly difficult and boast custom models and attacks. You can choose to take these bosses on yourself, but it’s not recommended! With thousands of hearts and attacks that deal tons of damage, these bosses are best fought with friends. Be careful, as these fights are not for the weak! You can teleport to The Obelisk using /warp obelisk and insert your crafting ingredients to the beacon below the Obelisk itself.

» Gambling

Gambling is a large part of SpaceDelta’s economy. However, it is certainly a risky method of making money, so be careful! With that said, there are various ways you can gamble on Skyblock Aurora. First, we have scratchers. Scratchers can be accessed using /scratcher and act as a lottery ticket system. You can purchase a scratcher for $10,000. Doing so will reveal a pattern of dirt and diamonds. 3 diamonds or more means you win a percentage of the total jackpot, which is the summation of all the money made from everyone purchasing scratchers. In addition to scratchers, we have our own lottery! You can access this by typing /lottery, which will show a GUI where you can view how many tickets you’ve purchased and what your percentage chance of winning is as well as watch the drawing live. You can purchase tickets through this GUI or by typing /lot buy <number>. Each ticket costs $100 and if you win, you’ll get the entire jackpot!

While those two systems are fantastic, our primary gambling experience comes in the form of The Casino. This grandiose build is visually impressive but, more importantly, it’s incredibly fun. The Casino has three game modes; Hi-Lo, Crash, and Roulette. Each gamemode functions differently. In Hi-Lo, a card is displayed and you must bet on whether you believe the next card to be shown will be higher or lower. In roulette, a slime mob will spin around a board and you must bet whether you think the slime will land on red or black. Lastly, there’s crash, our most popular gamemode. In this mode, a multiplier will constantly go up, multiplying the money you initially bet. Beware though, for the multiplier could crash at any moment and you could lose your money! Access the casino by using /warp casino.

» Gems

Gems are SpaceDelta’s premium currency system. Our web store consists of only various sizes of Gem packages to suit all your needs. You can use /buy to access the Gem shop or you can visit our web store at! When you purchase Gems, you’ll receive them in-game. Then, you can use /buy again to view all the items you can purchase with your new Gems!

» The Black Market & Maz’Ek

Both the Black Market and Maz’Ek The Merchant are sources of incredibly rare and powerful items. First, the Black Market can be accessed by simply using /warp bm. When you arrive, you’ll see various vendors selling items such as tags, pastes, and spawners. In addition to the Black Market, there is also a vendor named Maz’Ek in the outer ring of spawn. To access this shop, you’ll need to have the custom item called “Maz’Ek’s Lost Coin”, which is located in one of twenty spots throughout the server. The coin spawns randomly and moves when it gets picked up, so you’ll have to be fast! Maz’Ek sells some of the most powerful items on the server, though, so it’s certainly worth finding his coin whether you use it to buy his items or sell it to another player. Check the Black Market and Maz’Ek out below!

» Runes & Artifacts

Runes function like custom enchants, providing unique effects that are applicable to different tools, armor, and even your soul as a passive effect. These runes come from rune crystals. There are five different tiers of runes crystals; Common, Rare, Epic, Mythical, and Void. You can use /rune shop to purchase rune crystals with XP, but only the first three tiers are available to purchase. The latter tiers are only available in crates or events, as they are incredibly powerful.

In addition to basic runes, there are also artifacts. Artifacts only come in crates and can only be purchased using gems. They are incredibly powerful versions of runes and there are only a few different artifacts. Their crates give great rewards regardless, with a chance to give things like star weapons, which are items that have powerful enchantments as well as nine rune slots in contrast to the typical six. Check out the rune crystal shop

» The Void

The Void is an event that takes place every six hours. In this event, you’ll be teleported to a different dimension. In this dimension, monsters will come at you in waves. These monsters will get increasingly more powerful as time goes on! As you spend more time in The Void, you’ll become more corrupted, taking a small amount of damage per second until you are fully corrupted in which you will die. You can reduce your corruption percentage by killing mobs. As you go on and fight mobs, crates will appear and have their location broadcasted in chat to all surviving players. Check out the portal to The Void, which can be reached using /warp void, below!

» Events

We host numerous different events on Skyblock Aurora. Some of these events are random, such as keyalls or some parkour events we’ve held in the past. In addition, we’ve talked about The Void and KOTH above, so we’ll leave those out of this section. Events beyond that include Gladiators, Slay The Staff, and Skull Island. Gladiators is a bracket-based tournament system where a series of 1-on-1 fights end in a 1v1v1v1 deathmatch, rewarding the winner with XP. Slay The Staff is an event that takes place in the PvP world. In this event, all of the staff members are given knockback sticks and basic armor and hunted by the players, who bring their own gear. Players who kill staff members will receive their heads as a reward. Lastly, we host a once-per-month event called Skull Island. In this event, hundreds of players collect on an island and fight for control over various constantly moving spots. Staying in these spots will allow players to accrue points. The top three people with the most points will receive rewards while all players will receive two Nova keys. First prize receives $100 USD, second place receives $50 USD, and third place receives $25 USD. Check out a portion of Skull Island below!


Whew, that sure was a lot to go over! We hope you found exactly what you’re looking for though. SpaceDelta’s Skyblock Aurora has much more to offer in terms of community based gameplay and so many cool custom features. So, what are you waiting for? Join up Today at! Create an island with your best friends, defeat insane bosses, and become the top player or, if fighting isn’t your thing, just fish on your island - We don’t care! Whichever path you may choose, we hope to see you online soon!

- The SpaceDelta Team

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