SpaceDelta Skyblock Guide

SpaceDelta Skyblock Guide

Read all about how to play Skyblock Aurora, including features you've never seen before!

Date: January 12th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore


SpaceDelta is an incredible, unique Skyblock server that merges conventional Skyblock with a unique mix of aspects including RPG-inspired elements and far more. SpaceDelta boasts hundreds of hours of potential play time, with dozens of activities that expand beyond what you may be used to with any other Skyblock server. This guide is meant to allow you to gain a deeper understanding of the many features SpaceDelta has to offer. Without further adieu, let’s get right into it!

Conventional Skyblock Aspects

» Starting an Island

As the first action in your new adventure on SpaceDelta, starting an island is an important thing. To do so, type ‘/is create’ in chat. This will open a GUI, in which you will be able to choose a variety of sizes appropriate for your personal experience level. Island sizes range from small, which is suitable for more hardcore players, to large, which caters to an easier playstyle. In the middle of these two is medium, which is average difficulty and provides a good starting for someone who is familiar with Skyblock. This tier of island can be seen below:

» The Auction House

As an integral part of trading between players, the Auction House offers a safe place to both purchase and sell your hard-earned goods. To open the Auction House, type ‘/ah’ in chat. This will open a GUI containing all of the goods currently being sold. If you navigate down to the bottom of said GUI, you’ll find various tools that allow you to utilize all of the Auction House’s functions. To sell your own goods, type /ah sell <time> <amount>. This will create an auction listing of whatever item you’re holding in your hand. The <time> section dictates how long you’d like your auction to stay up for, and the <amount> parameter determines how many of that specific item you’d like to sell.

» Crates

The crates, which are located in the left-most portion of Spawn, give Players like yourself an opportunity to win fantastic rewards. There are three tiers of crates; Cosmic, Lunar, and Nova. Potential rewards include money or XP shipments, various spawners, blocks of precious metals, and even rank vouchers. Crate keys can be obtained in a variety of ways from dungeons, The Void, events, or answering questions in chat-based competitions. To get to the crates, type ‘/warp crates’ in chat.

» SpaceMart (Shop)

The SpaceMart is the one-stop-shop for almost all of your Skyblock essentials. The SpaceMart is able to be accessed in two different ways. First, travelling to the left of the spawn, near the crates, and clicking on the shop merchant. Second, by typing ‘/shop’ in the chat. Both of these options will bring up a GUI, shown below, where you can select various categories of items. Here, you can buy or sell select goods to the shop itself, profiting from your hard work.

» Gambling

Also to the left side of spawn lies the juice bar, a gambling station where you can purchase various juices that range in price for the opportunity to win double your money or lose it all. The juice bar can be accessed by walking over to it and clicking the merchant or typing ‘/gamble’ in the chat. Gambling can be a good way to earn money, but is highly addictive and can result in massive losses. Give it a shot!

» Player-VS-Player

As you level up and create better gear, you can take on other players for the chance to win their loot. You can do this by typing ‘/warp pvp’, where you’ll be teleported to a small area where PvP is disabled. In the center of this area will be a place to drop down into the warzone. Here, PvP is enabled; so be careful! The PvP area is also where events occur such as KOTH or SpacePods, which can both give fantastic loot.

» Voting

SpaceDelta has various voting links, all available to be used once per day by typing ‘/vote’ in chat. This will bring up a link. Click on this link to be brought to SpaceDelta’s voting page, where you can vote on various websites to boost SpaceDelta’s position on said websites! Voting rewards you with crate keys and voting points, which can be redeemed for various rewards in the Currency Shop at Spawn.

SpaceDelta Exclusive Content

» Shipments

Shipments come in all different forms and are available to be obtained in many ways. You can exchange various forms of currency, obtain the shipments from event rewards, and even get them from opening crates. Shipment types include XP, money, and stardust. When opening a shipment, you will have a percentage-based chance to win XP, money, or stardust depending on the shipment. Depending on the tier, you can win higher or lower amounts of any of these currencies.

» Black-Market

The Black-Market is a place where you can purchase exclusive, high-tier items. You can travel to the Black Market by typing ‘/warp bm’ in the chat. Each week, new items will swap into the roster to be bought in the Black Market. These items range from dungeon keys, shipments, event flares, and more.

» Runes

Runes function like custom enchants, providing unique effects that are applicable to different tools, armor, and even your soul as a passive effect. There are five different tiers of runes; Basic, Rare, Exotic, Ascended, and Legendary. These runes are purchasable with XP via the Rune Shop. The Rune Shop can be accessed by the merchant located near spawn or via the command, ‘/rune shop’. Runes range from things like vitality, which increases maximum health, ‘Bounce’, which gives increasing levels of permanent jump boost to ‘Vitality’, which increases your maximum health. Once you have runes, you can drag them on to the item you wish to apply them to or type ‘/rune build’ and place runes into your passive slots. ALl items and yourself have a maximum of six rune slots, so use them sparingly!

» Dungeons

Dungeons are a fantastic opportunity for yourself and some friends to win some loot. There are various different dungeons, all of which vary in difficulty, mobs, structures, and rewards. Completing a dungeon will reward you and your team with Lux, a currency used to purchase a variety of items in the ‘Currency Shop’ located at /Spawn. These dungeons are quite difficult and should not be taken on alone. Good gear and an even better team are required for success.

» The Void

The Void is a very difficult wave-based PvE system. The Void is positioned near the dungeons at the right section of /Spawn. The Void becomes available to enter once every six hours. Entering the portal, you’ll be teleported to a queue area, where you will wait for other Players to enter as well. After the queue period is over, you and any other Player in The Void will be teleported into an End-like dimension. Here, various waves of mobs will spawn with increasing difficulty. Between these waves will be crates, rewarding you and your team with keys, XP, money, and much more. Winning The Void is difficult, but very lucrative! A solid team will be required for you to have a chance.

» Events

Various events are held in SpaceDelta’s PvP area. Among these events there is SpacePods, where different tiers of crates fall from the sky. In this event, fifteen crates are available near the dropzone in the arena. Left-clicking on these crates will instantly deposit rewards to your inventory. Additionally, there is a KOTH event. In this event, coordinates are shown on the right of your screen. Travelling to these coordinates, you will see an arena. Standing in this arena for the most amount of time will grant you nova keys, the highest tier key that SpaceDelta offers. Lastly, there’s Gladiator, where 50 players duel 1-on-1. The last man standing wins a variety of rewards.


Among these features, SpaceDelta’s Aurora Skyblock has much more to offer, including, but not limited to, island missions and upgrades, custom spawner functionality, custom hoppers, and more! So join Today! Create an island, experiment with all of our features, and become the top player and, most importantly, enjoy your time on the server!

- The SpaceDelta Team

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