Summary of Season 2

Summary of Season 2

A summary of all that Season 2 was...

Date: May 15th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore


Hello! We’ve got something a bit different for you this week. Rather than our typical content post that you’ve all grown to love (or not to love), we’ve got a rather interesting post for the closing week of Season 2. This post will be all about the season including major bugs that were resolved as well as a recap of the major content we’ve released this season. We’ll start with the oldest stuff and move into the most new items on our list(s). Without stringing you along too much, let’s go!

Major Bugs


The lottery glitch was one of many that plagued the economy of Season 2. As the Casino created quintillionaires, lottery ticket numbers were through the roof. Since we didn’t anticipate the massive influx of cash, we didn’t prepare the lottery to handle this large amount of tickets. This resulted in the lottery breaking entirely, leaving the animation stuck for hours at a time. The issue was resolved, and players can now buy tickets to their heart's content.

Balances Resetting:

As the player's balances grew, the sidebar broke drastically. This was because the integer was far too large for the original scoreboard to handle. This resulted in the player’s balance getting reset when they warped to a different world such as PvP. This meant that many players lost their money. This issue was fixed by adjusting the scoreboard to handle large numbers better, resulting in players not losing their balances when warping.

Roulette Glitch:

Originally, in the creation of Roulette, we chose a certain percentage of odds for the colors. This was meant to be 50-50, with a small percentage chance of the slime landing on green. However, through extensive testing, we found that the actual odds were roughly 70-30 in favor of black. This resulted in players being able to win massive amounts of money by just constantly betting on black, and it was the primary contributing factor to the economic breakage we witnessed. The scales have been reset, and we will be looking into how to better optimize the casino in Season 3.

Dupe Glitches:

There were many dupe glitches throughout Season 2. Many of these were also in Season 1 and were simply recurring such as the auction house dupe glitch or the one that had to deal with Material Conservation, a rune that allowed players to double nuggets to ingots and vice versa. Regardless of the glitch, we patched it as quickly as possible. Currently, we don’t know of any dupe glitches, even in systems such as hoppers that had various glitches throughout both seasons.

Multi Tools:

Multi Tools were something that were broken from the start. This tool is meant to adapt based on what block is being mined. For example, mining stone would result in the tool shifting to a pickaxe, while mining wood would create an axe. This system was broken, though, and would not work on certain blocks including but not limited to fences, doors, and ender chests. That said, this glitch has been long-standing since Season 1, now being fixed permanently. As we find more blocks that the Multi Tool does not work correctly on, we will add them to this list of fixed blocks.

Major Content

The Casino:

The first major content update to come this season came in the form of the Casino itself. This was a massive update that, despite its effect on the eventual economic downturn on the server, came out fantastically. The Casino’s games - HiLo, Crash, and Roulette - created economic growth beyond what we had ever considered. As such, we expect some tweaks to the system in Season 3.

Skull Island:

Skull Island was the second major update to the server chronologically. This once-per-month event consisted of hundreds of players the first time around. Whilst spectating this event, the Management team of SpaceDelta did find some objects of the gamemode that could be altered slightly. As such, we chose not to run it a second time before the ending of Season 2. However, we will be running this once Season 3 is up. Expect an even better turnout, a more difficult fight to the top, and equally spectacular rewards.

Slay The Staff:

The Slay The Staff event was the most recent event to be added to SpaceDelta. This event, similarly to Skull Island, had a massive turnout; far more than we anticipated. Players of all walks of life on the server came together to fight us staff for one day. Armed with knockback sticks, we held them off for as long as we can. Ultimately, though, Lotus along with all the other staff members were beheaded, and the Players were victorious. This event will be one of many that will be held in our new season - Keep an eye out for that.

While this may not seem like a lot, it is! I’d like to take a second to recognize our fantastic developers who re-coded many of our systems from the ground up this season. We’ve reduced lag immensely because of this, and it allowed for further optimization in Season 3! We’ve also all been hard at work on the back end side of SpaceDelta. If you read our regular Content Posts, you will know about items like creator crates or cosmetics; content that we didn’t quite get to this season. Expect much from Season 3 - You will not be disappointed. We’ll have a post up when we release about all the fantastic new content you can expect from Skyblock Aurora. Until then, stay safe, stay happy, and stay healthy! We’ll see you soon.

- Gaelen Moore

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