Dev Notes #5: The Economy

Dev Notes #5: The Economy

The Economy, its faults, and much more...

Date: January 28th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore

The Economy

As January comes to a close, the Administration and Development teams have remained hard at work to resolve the many issues that arose this week; primarily with the economy. This week has proved a challenge for the server and for the team, but we’ve prevailed nonetheless. Let’s dive right into what went wrong, how we fixed it, and where we’re going now.

Throughout the week, we performed numerous optimization improvements. This is very similar to what’s been done in the past few weeks, but these changes built upon the aforementioned ones to create a stronger, less-laggy environment for you, the Players. These optimizations are a perfect segue into the next and largest topic; the economy. If you played at all during this week, you may have realized that a new ‘meta’ swept into SpaceDelta. In reality, this new meta was simply an exploit being mass-used. As a result of this exploit, which was used to obtain massive amounts of stardust, the stardust shop prices skyrocketed. The exploit and the prices will be detailed below. Furthermore, dungeons were updated so that you can no longer kill party members. Lastly, an issue with 1.8 clients crashing was resolved and a /hug command was added.

That said, this section of the dev notes is all done! If you’re interested in reading more about the bugs that were mentioned above, please continue to the section below. If not, that’s all right too! We’ll see you next week regardless!

- Stardust Economy: As arguably the most major event in Aurora Skyblock’s history, the Stardust Economy will be the major talking point for this week. In the middle of the week, a massive exploit was found regarding large stacks of witches. Given their increased percentage of stardust drops and the spawner optimizations meant to reduce lag, witches were dying in stacks of up to 100,000 and dropping upwards of 199,998 stardust per stack. That said, this exploit spread fast and allowed for players to abuse the system, gaining large amounts of witch spawners and continuing the glitch in perpetuity. This was, for the time being, countered by raising stardust prices drastically. These prices are based on how long it takes to obtain the stardust with this new system, and will fluctuate as we edit the economy further.

- Dungeons: Previously, players found themselves able to kill their own party members. This was unintended and was brought to the attention of staff during the stardust mishap. This issue has now been resolved, and all party members are immune from PvP within their parties while in dungeons or other PvP areas.

- 1.8 Client: An issue with players joining on version 1.8 occurred during the week as well. This issue resulted in any person(s) joining on 1.8. This resulted in players receiving various different error messages upon joining Skyblock Aurora. These issues were resolved, and any version of 1.8 will work to join the server.

- /Hug Command: Lastly, as a sort of uplifting end to the week, a /hug command was added. You can use this command, /hug <name>, to send a hug to someone on the server. This will display a small message in the player’s chat. If you’re hugged, a small message displaying who sent you a hug will appear in your chat with red hearts on either side.

What’s Next?

With all of that being said, what’s next for Skyblock Aurora? Well, I’ll tell you! The brand new content that was mentioned several Dev Notes ago is close to coming out - Expect that in the next couple weeks. As for the economy, we’re going to continue monitoring the economy and how our changes impact it. So, keep an eye out for new changes, report new bugs you may find, and we’ll see you next week for another Dev Notes!

- Gaelen Moore.

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