The Great Gambling Gambit

The Great Gambling Gambit

A brand new style!

Date: April 3rd, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore


Hello everybody! What a fantastic week on Skyblock Aurora! We hope you’ve all been enjoying the server as always. This week, we’re changing things up a bit. You may have noticed the lack of a Dev Notes on Wednesday, and for good reason! We’re swapping to a once-per-week Content Post, which is what you’re reading right now! This will be a bit longer than the previous ones, but will cover all the same things! Go on, give it a read!

The Run-Down

This week has been choked full of bug fixes, but with brand new content shining through at the end of the week! Let’s start with the former, shall we? To kick us off, an issue with the lottery’s rolling animation becoming stuck for extended periods of time was resolved. In a similar economic note, the auction house’s maximum item price was upped to $100,000,000,000 (That’s 100 billion) and a fifth week of items was added to the Black Market to compensate for odd weeks that span between months. Regarding combat and runes, we’ve fixed a number of things starting with specific runes only giving Tier I versions from /rune shop. We’ve also fixed a typo in the combat tag message and an issue with false positives for the combat tag that was presenting itself. Hemorrhage was also revamped, now counting stacks correctly and dealing the appropriate amount of damage. Last but not least, a host of smaller bugs including the removal of the writable book crafting recipe, a resolution of the “Reach 100,000 island value” message changing after completion.

However, the true highlight of this week is, drum roll please… The Casino! That’s right, that gambling paradise we’ve been talking about for these past few months is finally here! Explore it at /warp casino! That brings this section of the Content Announcement to a close (We know, we’re sad too). If you’re interested in seeing a more in-depth version of what you’ve just read, go ahead and view the section(s) below! If not, that’s okay too. Have a fantastic day, and keep on exploring our universe on Skyblock Aurora!

A Deeper Dive

Lottery Animation: Our players reported the lottery animation becoming frozen, specifically while rolling for winners. This spanned anywhere from 15s to 30m, and was seemingly random. Eventually, the animation would return. Regardless, we didn’t think this would make would-be lottery winners very happy, and we have fixed it accordingly.

Auction House: We’ve made the decision to cap off the auction house’s listing prices. Previously, item prices were not capped, meaning players could insert however large a price fit. Now, though, the maximum price one can list an item at is $100 billion. Yes, that’s billion with a b - A one with nine zeros! Enjoy selling overpriced fish or, perhaps, items that will be worth that amount in the coming weeks.

Black Market: The cycle of the Black Market was a bit wonky, as seen during the transition from March to April. The Black Market was set up to transition four times from week to week. However, with half of the week being in April and half being in March, this didn’t work. A fifth week was implemented to account for months like this, and will only be present during times like the aforementioned one.

Tier I Runes: An issue with specific runes having a 100% chance of giving Tier I versions of themselves presented itself this week. That said, these runes have now been fixed and will be giving their proper Tiers in respect to the typical % chance.

Combat Tag: Two issues with the Combat Tag were discovered this week. The first and smaller one being a miniscule typo made in the message delivered to people when they were tagged. The message is now grammatically correct, hurray! The second issue was with the plug-in giving false positives, flagging people as being in combat when they were not. This too has been resolved, and the plug-in now recognizes people in combat accordingly.

Hemorrhage: Hemorrhage underwent some more changes this week. Previously, it was incredibly overpowered due to some mathematical errors in the calculation of stack damage. When Hemorrhage triggers, it deals “bleeding” damage, or damage over a certain amount of ticks. This damage was stacking on itself and multiplying, resulting in anywhere from 8-15 hearts of damage. This has been resolved, and Hemorrhage is no longer overpowered.

Misc. Mentions: Last but not least, we have some ‘Misc. Mentions’ - As a note, this category will be present through all of our Content Posts to cover smaller bugs. This week we’ve got two! First, writable books were removed as being able to be crafted. Second, an issue where the “Reach 100,000 island value” island mission would change to “Reach 10,000 island value” after completion was resolved as well.

Content Announcement(s)

The Casino: As you may have seen from our announcement Friday night, the Casino is finally here! This is the true focus of this week’s Content Post, and will be huge for Skyblock Aurora. We’ve been teasing it for quite a number of weeks, but it is finally here! You’ll notice the Casino is absolutely massive, so you’ll be given speed when you first arrive. Various rooms hold various games including HiLo, Roulette, Crash, and Match Betting! Explore this massive build (But make sure not to get lost!) and see what games tickle your fancy!

Closing Regards

That’s all we’ve got for this week’s brand new Content Post! Although this is largely similar to the writing you’ve all seen before, we do hope you enjoyed it! Expect these articles each Friday from now till, well… forever! See you next week. Stay happy, stay safe, and stay gambling!

Gaelen Moore

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