What Are We Up To?

What Are We Up To?

An explanation...

Date: October 14th, 2021

Author: Gaelen Moore


Oh my! You’ve finally returned! You’ve been gone for so long, we were beginning to worry you may never retur- Wait… What do you mean it’s us who have been gone!? Ah… I see… Well, never mind that then! We’re back now, and that’s what really matters! You’re probably wondering what we’ve been doing during our extended absence. Luckily for you all, that’s what we’ve come back to tell you about! That’s right - A whole brand new update on Skyblock Aurora Season 3! Let me tell you, I sure am excited for this one! So, in the traditional SpaceDelta fashion we ask that you buckle your seatbelts, keep your hands and feet in the spaceship at all times, and get ready! Without any further adieu or random cliches, let’s jump right into this update!

So, What Have We Been Doing?

Behind the scenes and unbeknownst to you all, we’ve been insanely busy. All of our teams have been working overtime to make some brand-new incredible features. We’ve talked about a lot of these features in past updates, so if you’re looking for some more information, feel free to check those out! You can find them by scrolling up in the #news-and-updates channel in our Discord OR by checking our website! We’re not here to talk about those features, though. Rather, we’re here to explain why our release has been delayed as far as it has been.

The new features we aim to bring to Season 3 are a fantastic example of why our release has taken so long to come to fruition. These features are immensely complex, and our development and management teams have been working hand-in-hand to compose and create these amazing features. With that said, we often go through a complicated process to assure that features are fully functional. This includes the creation and testing of features from our development team, the testing of the features from the rest of the team, and the extensive repairs made to plug-ins meant to resolve bugs. This process is repeated until all the bugs are resolved. As such, these features take quite some time to create fully, as we wish to assure that they are as close to perfect as they can possibly be before we write them off as ready to release. However, that’s not the main focus as to why Season 3 has taken so long.

Throughout Seasons 1 and 2, we refined our network exponentially. Inside of Season 2, we saw a massive boost in player count and retention, but neither figure was anywhere close to what we envisioned. Within Season 3, we aim to change this. Behind the scenes, we’ve been scouring all potential options for marketing. This includes methods that we’ve previously used as well as others that will allow us to secure hundreds of YouTubers and Streamers onto our network. We’re well on our way to achieving the sort of numbers we wish to, but securing these numbers has proved far more strenuous than we previously anticipated. It’s for this main reason that Season 3 has been postponed so much.

With that explanation in mind, we’d like to extend an apology. It was never our intent to delay Season 3 of Skyblock Aurora this long. However, we do believe it’s for the best. We wholeheartedly believe that this season will not only be the best that it can be, but the best season we’ve had thus far. We’ve pushed back so many times to assure that we can achieve this goal.

Beyond that, we do have some good news! One of the projects that myself and a few select others have been working on is an awesome cinematic trailer. If you’ve played the trailer for some time, you’ll notice select features that are present in the trailer. However, there are definitely some hidden goodies that go along with it! Keep an eye out in the SpaceDelta Discord for an official release of the full trailer.


Once again, we do apologize for the delays, but we believe that it was ultimately for the best. Rest assured, Season 3 is rapidly approaching. As we get closer, we’ll be releasing more information as well as news posts like always. Make sure you keep an eye out for those - and get excited! As always, though, make sure you stay happy, stay healthy, and keep on enjoying your time here at SpaceDelta!

- Gaelen Moore

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