SpaceDelta Official Rules

SpaceDelta Official Rules

Official Rules for SpaceDelta.

Date: April 30th, 2020

Author: Lotus



All players are expected to familiarize themselves with the rules before playing. By entering our server, you automatically accept the rules and terms of service listed below, and to accept responsibility for harm done by your account and others on your IP. "I didn't know" and "my sister did it" will not be a valid appeal.

// TIER 1

All first-time Tier 1 offences should be prefaced with a verbal warning, followed by a mute and progressively severe punishments.


The repetition messages or letters being sent in the chat — the same message being sent three times in a row should be considered spam. This includes using commands that spam people’s chats, such as lottery, faction-creation etc.


While swearing is allowed, using it abundantly and in a directed manner is not. An example of direct swearing is “F* you, you destroyed my base you f!” while an example of indirect swearing is “oh f***, I just fell and died”. Note that racial, gender and homophobic slurs are not swears and fall under Tier 2.


The act of continually pestering, hounding or asking for favors from a player or staff member, after being asked to stop.


This is defined as the intentional usage of words to harm, insult or cause discomfort to another player. Play-insulting a friend is allowed within private chat, but not excessive “joke” unpleasantries in public. This rule does NOT include the use of discriminatory language, which is far more severe.


We absolutely encourage players from all sorts of diverse cultures - several high ranking staff aren’t native english-speakers ourselves. However, as English is the only requirement for our moderation team, we ask that you keep from using other languages -- i.e. speaking it, using it in your f tag, etc, as the only language that our staff members can reliably moderate is english.

// TIER 2


This is defined as the usage of sexist, racist, homophobic or otherwise harmful slurs to insult someone or their community. These words are already censored, but are here for reference in case of a "dodging/bypassing the censor" situation.
Special cases:

  • "gay" - The word “gay” to describe a negative feeling or situation is not allowed, as this is innately homophobic. Using it to describe one’s sexuality without being insulting is allowed.
  • “retarded” - The word “retarded” is not allowed at all, due to its highly offensive connotations.


This applies to usernames, display nicknames, skins, capes, banners, and the like. Inappropriate can range from discriminatory to disrespectful, including symbols and slurs. If the player refuses to change their display and staff cannot do it for them, the player will be banned indefinitely until they comply with the rules.


Pretending to take another player’s or staff’s identity. Similar IGNs will not be punished for, unless intentionally used to mislead. Forum names made to look identical, however, do fall under this rule.


Using methods to communicate with others in-game while muted, such as with item names, faction tags, signs, etc. Anyone else helping a muted player convey their messages will receive the same punishments that they did. The user’s mute should be doubled in this case, on first offence.


The material advertising of quality, goods and/or services that are not directly related to, or are competitors of, SpaceDelta. Advertisements like this, solicited or not, have the potential of drawing players away from the network. NOTE: If a player is clearly only here to advertise — i.e. joining the server and immediately spamming their own server IP, it should be considered a Tier 3.

// TIER 3


Any attempt to perform in-game actions such as mining, fishing, etc... without being present at your keyboard. This includes putting weights on your mouse, the use of an autoclicker, changing keybinds to then put weight on your keyboard, and any other method.


Pretending or joking about commiting a Tier 3 offence will result in the same punishment. Examples include pretending to hack, joking about killing someone, etc. This includes harassment of staff members in-game or over other platforms, in general or about a punishment.


Abusing a bug or glitch — before or after telling a staff member — is considered cheating and bannable. If you’re not sure if something is a bug or an intended feature, always ask.


This is defined as using a third-party client to give yourself an unfair advantage, or annoy other members. Allowed clients are linked here — if it’s not here, do not use it or ask a staff member if you can.


This is the practice of sending messages, emails and the like while pretending to be someone reputable, in order to persuade someone to leak important information. In our case, pretending to be a staff member in order to gain unfair advantages in the game.


The search for and publication of private information about an individual on the internet, especially with malicious intent.


Defined as a malicious attempt to make a server or network resource unavailable to users, usually by interrupting or suspending the services of an Internet host. This can also be done to individuals — and is commonly known as “hitting someone off”.


Using any part of our network as a platform for the trading, selling or purchasing of items that were acquired illegally, or are illegal themselves, is strictly prohibited.


Telling someone else to kill or harm themselves is extremely damaging — not to mention, illegal. We have an absolute zero tolerance for players who do so, regardless of if kidding around with friends, as this is extremely insensitive and tasteless humor.


Similarly to Suicidal Encouragement, threatening to or hinting at hurting or killing a player / a player’s family is illegal. Light joking about this among friends can be tolerated — e.g. “I’m going to punch you in the face the next time I come to your house” etc.


Logging in with multiple accounts/bots to perform the same action will result in a permanent ban, due to the sheer amount of damage that multi-account botting can cause to a server.


Attempting to lie or provide false information on appeals and reports will result in a double of the punishment duration in question. E.g. Lying on an appeal for a 30-day ban, and subsequently getting your appeal proved false, will result in the ban becoming 60 days starting then, regardless of how many days into the ban it is.

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