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    1. Jxnsen

      Hello my introduction to SpaceDelta

      Nice to meet you, I hope to see you around!
    2. Jxnsen

      SpaceDelta Factions

      Hello, welcome to SpaceDelta. Currently the server is doing a reset ready for next season.
    3. Jxnsen

      Jxnsen's Introduction

      Nice to see you too!
    4. Jxnsen

      Suggestion | Factions Earth - Buff Spacepod Rewards Or More Rare Crates

      I agree that Spacepods should be buffed. However, I think that a minimum player amount should be added to stop people getting all the rewards. There must be competition in pvp.
    5. Jxnsen


      Hey, Cash. How are you?
    6. Jxnsen


      Welcome to SpaceDelta, Peg. I hope you have a great time!
    7. Jxnsen

      Newsletter Delta Newsletter 2.0 || Post-Release

      Thank you for the updates Annie, much appreciated.
    8. Jxnsen

      Official LEGENDARY ITEMS - An In-Depth Guide

      Time to search for the legendary items!
    9. Jxnsen

      Official Staff Hunt Event | 2PM Sunday 11/9

      I cannot wait! Sounds a lot of fun!
    10. Jxnsen

      Denied Suggestion | Factions Earth - Axes Enchants

      Wouldn't this become a bit overpowered?
    11. Jxnsen


    12. Jxnsen

      Denied Suggestion | Factions - I recommend / Suggest that the starter balance is $500 or $1000 because as a new player on the server it is hard to get starte

      I believe this was removed to stop people sending the money to their main account when logging in with alts. Thanks for the suggestion but I think -1
    13. Jxnsen

      Introduction to me, McHackLines

      Hello! Nice to meet you, I'm glad you like the server. I hope to see you around.
    14. Jxnsen


    15. Jxnsen


    16. Jxnsen


      Hello, Matt! Welcome to SpaceDelta!
    17. Jxnsen


      How has your stay been so far?
    18. Jxnsen


      Welcome to SpaceDelta!
    19. Jxnsen

      Accepted Suggestion | Factions - Hopper upgrade

      +1 Hoppers are normally too slow and they need to be a lot of faster.
    20. Jxnsen

      Congrats for first post! No worries mate, enjoy the follow haha.

      Congrats for first post! No worries mate, enjoy the follow haha.