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  • Accepted Jxnsen's Suggestion

    Not open for further replies.


    New Member
    1. What is your minecraft username? Jxnsen
    2. What server is your suggestion for? (Currently only Factions) Website
    3. Briefly describe your suggestion in ten words or less. (This is for labelling purposes) Add a denied and accepted area for suggestions.
    4. Give us a detailed explanation of your suggestion; include everything you can think of. To make the website look cleaner on suggestions. I believe we should have an accepted and denied area as this will make the suggestions look a lot better.
    5. Why should this suggestion be implemented? How will it benefit the community? It will benefit the community as it will make the suggestion area look a lot better . Also, we will know what is active and what isn't just by looking at the suggestion area.
    6. Describe how we should go about implementing your suggestion. To implement this you will need to change configurations on the suggestions area on the website.
    Not open for further replies.