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    Newsletter Newsletter 1.0 - Post-Release Notes and Future Plans

    Hello hello, SpaceDeltans!

    It's been almost a month since our release, and it's certainly been a hectic few weeks! The staff team and I have finally made a dent in our workload - adding patches and optimizations - and so it's about time to start our weekly-ish announcement newsletters. I'll be posting these every so often, to keep you guys updated on changes and upcoming plans.

    Since release, the following large changes have been made to the server:​

    ★ Buffed crate rewards in Common, removed completely useless items such as dirt​
    ★ Added descriptions to items in crates to clarify item quant. of more than 1​
    ★ Changed various messages and prefixes to reflect server theme​
    ★ Set up ban appeal forum application​
    ★ Set up staff application forms​
    ★ Set up suggestions forms​
    ★ Configured crop hoppers to pick up all crops without issue​
    ★ Installed chat filter with most bad words.​
    ★ Configured warps and kits menu to look better​
    ★ Fixed issue with filter where it penalized you for doing links in /f setpaypal​
    ★ Set up portal in nether that brought players back to spawn​
    ★ Set up cosmetics: Banners, Arrow Effects, Emotes, Death Effects, Pets, Trails and Wings​
    ★ Added Cosmetic Crate to BuyCraft​
    ★ Set up 2FA for staff members on the server​
    ★ Added tutorial to Factions, where new players are brought through a short tour of the server before being put at spawn.​
    ★ Forums; Added "closed" subforums to Appeals, Reports, Staff Feedback, and Bugs​
    ★ Forums; Added Accepted/Denied subforums for Suggestions​
    ★ Added banner to Discord server​
    ★ Changed forum logo and graphics​
    ★ Added "Members" tab to forum header​
    ★ Added a short tutorial to teach new players about our server features​
    ★ Created an in-depth Species Guide here for clarification on the Species system​

    The staff team and I have also held a content meeting to discuss the following future additions, which we are working on! Stay tuned for plenty more content and balancing additions to enhance our gameplay.​

    ★ Addition of a VoteCredit vendor​
    ★ Addition of temporary /f fly via VoteCredits​
    ★ Addition of temporary silkspawner permissions via VoteCredits​
    ★ Simple cosmetics such as trails​
    ★ Balancing envoy and crate rewards further​
    ★ Adding a quests / achievement system​
    ★ Adding daily personal and factions missions​
    ★ Implementing more balanced, nuanced bosses​
    ★ Giving you guys daily bonuses for login streaks​
    ★ Further optimizing server performance​

    | END NOTE
    I'd like to extend a huge thanks to our staff members who have been working tirelessly on setting up and moderating the server. I've been nothing but impressed with their work ethic and handling of stressful situations.​
    Finally, thank you guys - the players - for working with us, giving us suggestions, reporting bugs and all. We'll be starting a marketing push shortly to get the server known within relevant demographics; thanks for your patience and we hope you continue to have fun on SpaceDelta!​
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