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    The server should honestly have a huge nerf of Sharp 5 or at least a damage nerf. I cannot tell you how many times I've been dropped in Prot 3 sets with a Sharp 4 in 3 hits because of a Sharp 5. Prot 4 is no better. Can I get a rip?

    Spawners are extremely cancer and I think the admins agree when they need to fix them. Spawners need to stack, not have the same effects as a sponge, and work properly otherwise my wrists will pay with scars.

    SpaceDrop is fucking OP. I get spawners, cash, etc from them. I went from buttbroke to one of the richest players on SpaceDelta because of them... fuck me?

    Staff are completed useless when there's a low member count on the game, and this isn't brand new news. The server has spikes of membercount. Some people like me actually play the server for what it is, not when YouTubers are on.

    Media/YouTube ranks are honestly useless to the server apart from playerbase. They should be able to access commands like /fly while in territory and out of combat, get a nova key and 2 solar every reset, and get extra vote keys. They hold the server together so much it's stupid.

    These have been the thoughts of my many 7 braincells. Signing off, coolboy1361
    Not open for further replies.