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    **Siren is currently undergoing a rework and are temporarily disabled.

    While not the most impressive in direct combat, the Terran race always finds a way to thrive in tough situations. They excel in diplomacy and easily get the best of sales and trades.​
    Vicious and hard-hitting warriors, the Zaiyou pride themselves on their raw combative ability. They tend to favor one specific type of weaponry and hone their skill in it to absolute mastery.​

    🌲 Prometheus - Meat dropped from mobs is always cooked

    🌲 Bounty - 5% chance to gain 100% extra exp from mobs

    🌲 [ACTIVE] Green Thumb - When activated, chance to get 3x drops from crops for 1m (2m cooldown)

    🌲 Fertility Dance - Crouching within 3 blocks of plants has a 4% chance of progressing plant to the next growth stage.

    🌲 Diplomacy - All crops and mob-drops sold have a 20% chance of being sold at 1.5x of its original value

    🌲 [ACTIVE] PRECISION - When activated, chance to get 3x drops when killing mobs for 1m (5m cooldown)

    🌲 Lung Capacity - Can stay underwater for 3x longer

    🌲 Opportunist - Enemies with less than 3 hearts are marked with red particles above their head, only visible to the player

    🌲 [Active] Domestication - When activated, summons 2 wolves with 3x health to fight for yourself. Wolves disappear after 30 seconds. (3m cooldown)

    🌲 Acclimation - Being familiar with the terrain and weather conditions of Earth, gain night vision during the night and strength I and water breathing in non-sunny weather

    🌲 Pack Nature - Being close to 3 or more people grants Regen I and Resistance I

    🌲 [Active] Mimicry - When activated, "copies" and casts the Skill 6 ability of next target hit. If no skill is copied within 15 seconds, the ability goes on cooldown. (5m cooldown)

    🌲 Acrobatics - 90% chance to receive no fall damage from heights

    🌲 Endurance - When hunger bar falls below 5, regenerate 2 hunger bar (1m30s cooldown)

    🌲 [Active] Stubborn - When activated, remove all negative effects and gain Speed III for 3 seconds (1m30s cooldown)

    🌲 Global Warming - Gain 100% fire damage reduction and gain Speed I while on fire

    🌲 Divine Blessing - When you reach half health, you gain Regen II and Resist I for 5 seconds. (3m cooldown)

    🌲 [Active] Adrenaline - When activated, fatal damage taken for the next 8s leaves you at 1/2 heart instead of killing them. (5m cooldown)

    🗡 Block - 5% chance to block an attack.

    🗡 Tunnel Vision - Attacking the same target consecutively does 1% more damage each hit, up to 5%.

    🗡 Cold Strike - Freeze and blind first target struck for 2s. (2m cooldown)

    🗡 Restoration - 5% chance to heal 2 hearts of damage over 2 seconds. (5s cooldown)

    🗡 Warband - Gain 3% extra damage for every faction member within 8 blocks, up to 15%.

    🗡 Devastation - Your first target struck gets Weakness 4 and Slow 2 for 3 seconds. (4m cooldown)

    🗡 Headshot - Arrows do 2x damage when shot at a player’s head.

    🗡 Multishot - 10% chance for you to shoot 2 arrows at once. 5% chance for 3.

    🗡 Target - When activated, the next player to be shot is "Marked". Marked players have yellow particles around them, and take +30% damage from all sources for the next 4s. (1m cooldown)

    🗡 Noxious Shot - 5% chance to inflict either Poison I, Blindness I, Nausea I, or Slowness I on targets for 5s.

    🗡 Rend - 5% chance for shots to completely ignore the target’s chestplate armor.

    🗡 Hailstorm - On activation, summon 3 barrages of arrows that rain down in an 8x8 radius around the player. These all apply the Noxious Shot effect (100%). (5m cooldown)

    🗡 Cleave - All attacks do 5% more damage to the target’s armor.

    🗡 Cripple - 2% chance to cripple an enemy, giving them Slowness V for 1 seconds. (2m cooldown)

    🗡 Shatter - When activated, deal 1.5x damage to the target’s armor for the next 5s. (3m cooldown)

    🗡 Equalizer - Deals 30% more damage to shields (absorption hearts)

    🗡 Decapitate - 20% chance that the target’s head drops when killed. 30% if the final blow was aimed at the target’s head.

    🗡 Rupture - When activated, the next target hit is prevented from gaining any health for the next 3s (5m cooldown)

    Mysterious and terrifying, Sirens wield magic with expertise. They use their sorcery to heal, create powerful brews, and lay waste to those who would dare to stand in their way.​
    Scientific beings, the Macros rely on technology for combat. They utilize traps, robots, and mech armor to disrupt enemies, increase utility and shrug off most hostile attacks.​

    ✨Expertise - All potions placed in brewing stand by player brew 2x quicker.

    ✨Conservation - You have a 10% chance of not actually using up a potion or splash potion on consumption.

    ✨Days of Salem - On activation, sets all enemies within an 8 block radius on fire and gives them Nausea I for 6s. (2m cooldown)

    ✨Hybrid Blend - Gain ability to brew a potion into another potion (e.g. brew a speed II into a strength I for a potion that does both). Durations of hybrid potions are ½ of the shorter potion component.

    ✨Experimentation - Ability to brew Nausea, Hunger, Haste and Splash potions.

    ✨Fountain of Luck - On activation, causes 10 random potions to rain down in a 5x5 radius around you. Positive effects only affect faction members and negative effects only enemies. (6m cooldown)

    ✨Soulsight - Holding an eye of ender shows all players’ classes via colored particles around heads (green, blue, yellow and purple)

    ✨Necromancy - On death, spaws a Zombie that locks onto your killer and tries to kill them. Zombie has 2x health. 4x damage of a regular one and Speed II.

    ✨Banshee Cry - All enemy players within 16 blocks are inflicted with Blindness II for 5s (1m30s cooldown)

    ✨Corruption - When not wearing full armor, leak “corruption” that damages enemies with Wither I for 6 seconds. The same target cannot be corrupted again within 1m.

    ✨Devilish Journey - Throwing an enderpearl leaves a “portal” (purple particles) at your feet through which faction members can shift on and go through to end up where you landed.

    ✨Hemomancy - When activated, all attacks heal yourself and factions members within 8 blocks for ½ heart per hit. The effect lasts 5 seconds. (6m cooldown)

    ✨Intuition - Faction members with less than 5 hearts (½ health) will have green particles around them.

    ✨Dolce - When holding sugarcane, grant all faction members within 8 blocks with Regen I.

    ✨Pianissimo - When activated, the next target hit has damage output reduced by 50% for 3 seconds. (2m cooldown)

    ✨Sempre Piu - When holding a stick, factions members within 8 blocks of you gain Aqua Affinity I, Jump Boost I, and Night Vision I.
    Crescendo - When holding a blaze rod, grant all faction members within 8 blocks +10% damage.

    ✨Swan Song - On activation, you’re left at ½ heart and heal all OTHER faction members in 8 blocks for 5 hearts. No other Siren within the faction can cast Swan Song for 2 minutes. (5m cooldown)

    🕹 Material Conservation - 20% chance of receiving double items when crafting items.

    🕹 Recon Goggles - Hitting a player with a compass shows in chat their species, level, armor enchants and stats.

    🕹 Graviton Anomaly - On activation, creates a 1x1 area of fake black/purple wool that sucks in all players in a 5 block radius and keeps them there for 2s. (3m cooldown)

    🕹 Steam Powered - When sprinting at less than half heart, for 10s leave behind a trail of “steam” that lasts for 5s and sets enemies on fire. (1m cooldown)

    🕹 Microtraps - Can craft tripwire hooks with poison, eye of ender and TNT to make toxic, alert and explosive traps respectively. Player’s can trigger these traps by stepping on them, which would also break the trap.

    🕹 Duct Tape - On activation, fixes armor of faction members within 8 blocks by 30% of max durability. (10m cooldown)

    🕹 Cyberboots - Holding crouch for more than 2s starts charging a “superjump” for up to another 5s. Each second charged increases jump height by 1 block.

    🕹 Prosthetics - When you’re below 50% health, gain Strength I.

    🕹 G.O.L.E.M - On activation, summon an iron golem that lasts for 10 seconds and fights for you. (3m cooldown)

    🕹 Static Discharge - Re-casting an active skill while a summon is active will cause the summon to explode, causing 5 hearts of blast damage to players within 3 blocks of the summon. This damage can be subject to blast protection reduction.

    🕹 Microbots - On player kill, invisible “nanotech bots” around the player scavenges the kill and uses the “scraps” to repair your armor by 5% durability, heal for 3 hearts and regain 10 hunger bars.

    🕹 D.R.O.N.E - Summons a hovering “drone” that follows you around, feeding, applying potion effects to you. The drone has 5 hearts. The drone despawns naturally in 1m. (5m cooldown)
    🕹 M.E.C.H Shield - When not in combat, regenerate up to 3 absorption hearts passively.

    🕹 M.E.C.H Glide - When falling from high distances, shifting midair prevents fall damage.

    🕹 M.E.C.H Distortion - On activation, creates a 3x3 area around the player into which no entity can enter. Entities within the range are pushed out. Forcefield lasts 5s. (4m cooldown)

    🕹 M.E.C.H Exhaust - For 10s after using an active, leave behind a trail of “smoke” that lasts 5s and blinds enemies.

    🕹 M.E.C.H Recharge - When an active goes on cooldown, gain Resistance I until you have both actives up again.

    🕹 M.E.C.H Reinforce - You gain an additional 10 absorption hearts for 10 seconds, but gain Slowness III and cannot swing (Mining Fatigue X) while the reinforce effect is active.


    So, that's a LOT of skills, wow! Can I use all of them?

    Well, each species has 3 trees to choose from, as listed in the spoilers above. Each skilltree has 6 skills, #3 and #6 being actives. (We'll explain later, promise.) You cannot EVER use skills that are outside your chosen species. However, you will receive 9 skill points total. This means you will eventually be able to complete 1 full tree and ½ of another.

    So, say you were a Zaiyou who wanted to mainly use swords, but also sometimes use bows to hunt down those pesky epearl-ers. You could finish the Sword Mastery tree, before going three skills (halfway!) into the Bow Mastery tree. As a Zaiyou, you would not, however, be able to go down the Resourceful tree of the Terrans -- no matter how good you are at hunting chickens.



    So, by now we know that each skilltree consists of 6 skills! Most of these skills are PASSIVE. This means that certain conditions will trigger them, like the Necromancy skill, from the Siren "Enchantress" skilltree.
    On death, spaws a Zombie that locks onto your killer and tries to kill them.
    Zombie has 2x health. 4x damage of a regular one and Speed II.

    The skill automatically triggers when the player dies! You don't have to worry about casting these spells, although you may want to familiarize yourself with the conditions that trigger your skills, and intentionally put yourself in these situations if needed.

    Alternatively, passive skills may sometimes simply always be "turned on". An example of this is the Acrobatics skill from the Terran "Durable" skilltree.
    50% chance to receive no fall damage from heights


    However, the number #3 and #6 skill of each tree is always an ACTIVE skill. This means that you actively have to cast them with a variety of mouse-click combinations that you can personally set.

    In order to set a combination for an active that you've learned, first, find your /skills menu.

    Click on the active skill you want to set a combination for, which will prompt you to click your combination. Do so, and type "Done" in chat when you're satisfied with your combo. To cast this skill in the future, simply click your combo while holding a weapon AND/OR looking at the ground!


    Each of the species gain Species EXP (separate from regular xp!) differently. You can check your exp progress with /species info, or by looking at the boss-bar above your head (1.9+).

    Once you've reached a certain threshold of exp, you can exchange them for a skill point using the command /levelup. Doing so will reset your species experience back to 0, from which you'll work towards the next level!

    After this, visit the Species Rep at each hubs to use your skill point and unlock your next skill!

    Here are the ways in which species can gain experience.

    • 15XP || Taking Fall Damage
    • 8XP || Farming / Harvesting
    • 10XP || Killing
    • 3XP || Using swords
    • 3XP || Using axes
    • 1XP || Killing
    • 3XP || Brewing a potion
    • 14XP || Crafting a redstone item
    • 20XP || Killing entities
    • 50XP || Successfully enchanting something with an enchanting table
    • 5XP || Crafting an item
    • 20XP || Crafting a redstone item
    • 50XP || Successfully repairing something in an anvil
    • 3XP || Killing
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