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    -= Please read this FULLY and THOROUGHLY before filling out your staff application. =-

    Welcome, and thanks for your interest in our staff application process! We're pumped that you're interested in joining our team and helping the server, and we look forward to looking over your application. Before we get started, please read through the following requirements and questions to prepare yourself for the upcoming application process.​
    > Firstly, you'll fill out our staff application form.​
    > After that, wait for up to 72 hours for a staff member to get to your application.​
    >> If an app isn't responded to within 72 hours, please PM @Annie ONCE, reminding me of your application.​
    > If you were rejected, better luck next time! Please do not make another application within a month of your rejection.​
    > If your application was accepted, congratulations - you've passed the first step!​
    >> You'll be undergoing a brief interview, via Discord, just to ensure that you're truly a good fit for the team.​
    >> You'll hear back from us on the same day after the interview, whether or not you've been accepted onto the team.​
    | FAQ
    Q: What are the pre-management staff positions?
    A: Helper, Mod, Sr. Mod, Admin​
    Q: Can I apply for Mod instead of starting from the bottom?
    A: It's very rare that an exception will be made here. Most applicants will start from Helper and work their way up the hierarchy. Please do not ask, Management will decide whether or not the promotion is made.​
    Q: What are the staff specific rules / handbook?
    A: You'll be set up with the punishment guide, rules, and handbook when you're accepted.​
    Q: Do I need to memorize the rules to apply?
    A: Not entirely, but you do need to be somewhat familiar with them, to the point where common moderation rules should be memorized. By the time you fumble the handbook and locate / read the relevant punishment and rule, the damage might already be done by the rule-breakers.​
    Q: Should I still be reading at this point?
    A: Yeah, and congrats for reading this. On the last question of the Short-Answer app questions ("Anything else [...]"), please include the sentence "Hot sauce doesn't go with ranch" at any point of your response, so we know you read this. Your application will be denied if this is not on the application in the right place.​
    Q: Are staff positions paid?
    A: The Helper position is not, but Mod - Sr. Mod may be compensated, depending on dedication and performance. Administrators are always compensated.​

    If you do not meet the post requirement, you will NOT be able to view the form.​
    • At least 13 years old.
    • Have read the entirety of this information post
    • Can conduct self professionally and objectively
    • Active Discord account
    • Strong communicative skills in English (verbal and textual)
    • Have actively played on the server relative to server ontime
    • Understand features of the server up to the extent that features have been explained on public resources.

    Thanks for reading, and best of luck with the application!
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